Ghat District

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Ghat (Ɣat (Berber)
غات (Arabic)
Country  Libya
Capital Ghat
Area 72,700 km2 (28,070 sq mi) [1]
Population 23,518 (2006) [2]
Density 0/km2 (0/sq mi)
Map of Libya with Ghat district highlighted

Ghat (Berber: Ɣat; Arabic: غات‎‎ Ġāt) is one of the districts of Libya. Its capital is Ghat.

To the west, Ghat borders two provinces of Algeria: Tamanghasset in the far southwest, and Illizi Province otherwise. It also has a short border with the Agadez Department of Niger in the far south. Domestically, it borders the following districts:

Ghat district from 2001 to 2007, under the 32-shabiyat system

Libyan civil war[edit]

Since 2014, the district has been under the control of independent Tuareg and Tebu militias.


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Coordinates: 25°20′N 11°00′E / 25.333°N 11.000°E / 25.333; 11.000