Ghavam Shahidi

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Ghavam Shahidi is an Iranian-American electrical engineer and IBM Fellow.[1]

He studied electrical engineering at MIT, where he wrote a PhD thesis on "velocity overshoot in deeply scaled MOSFETs", under supervision of Professor Dimitri Antoniadis. Shahidi joined IBM Research in 1989, where he initiated and subsequently led the development of silicon on insulator (SOI) complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) technology at IBM. This work resulted in the qualification of multiple CMOS SOI technologies and their transfer to manufacturing; establishment of design infrastructure; and the first mainstream use of SOI. He remained with IBM Microelectronics as the director of high-performance logic development until 2003. He then moved back to IBM's Watson's Laboratory as the Director of Silicon Technology.[2] Shahidi received the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' J J Ebers Award in 2006.


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