Ghazali Public School Amana Abad

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Ghazali Public School Amana Abad
Ghazali Public School Amana Abad logo.jpg
Saddique Salik Shaheed Road, Amana Abad,
Kharian, 50151
Motto علم عمل تنظیم
(Knowledge, Implementation, Association)
Religious affiliation(s) Muslim
Established 1989
School board Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Gujranwala
School district Gujrat District
Authority Director Ghazali Public Schools
President Nishan Ali Sajjad
Administrator Malik Ejaz Ahmed
Principal Mudassar Sajjad Raja
Head of school Mudassar Sajjad
Age 3 to 18
Language Urdu
School colour(s) Blue and white
Sports Basketball, cricket, soccer, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball
Team name Ghazalian Hawks
Affiliation Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Gujranwala

Ghazali Public School Amana Abad (Urdu: غزالی پبلک سکول آمنہ آباد، گجرات‎) is a through high school located on Saddique Salik Shaheed Road, Kharian, Punjab, Pakistan. It was established in 1989.

Ghazali Rural Education Promotion Society GREPS, a Non-Governmental Registered Organization, has been working for the promotion of education particularly in remote rural area of District Gujrat since 1989. Nishan Ali Sajjad, chairman of GREPS, is the person of this myth, ‘‘Education is the only survival of our nation.’’ He was inspired by Imam Ghazali’s Concept of Enhancement of Knowledge ((احیاءالعلوم and started making people aware of the importance of education. He took a practical step in this regard by establishing a quality education institution named, ‘‘Ghazali Public School Amana Abad’’ in the remote village of Gujrat district. At that time literacy rate of the area was at panic level. Besides it, he continued to build up a team of enthusiastic young people who were ambitious to contribute in the process of Nation Building. His twenty years efforts bore a fruit a team of young and energetic persons who are standing b him to fulfill his dreams of serving the nation. Now members of the team are expending their working area with full zeal. At this time they have woven a network of quality educational institutions.The following Schools and Colleges are part of our network:

  • Ghazali Girls College Amana Abad
  • Ghazali Girls High School Amna Abad
  • Ghazali Boys College Amana Abad
  • Ghazali Public High School For Boys
  • Ghazali Public High School Malka Campus<>
  • Ghazali Public School Thutha Rai Bhadar Campus
  • Ghazali Public School Goteryala Campus