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Ottoman Ghazis in battle holding the Crescent Banner (by: Józef Brandt)
Stamp of Kazakhstan devoted to Ghazi Abul Khair Khan, 2001 (Michel 316)

Ghazi is a title given to Muslim warriors or champions. It may be used out of respect or officially.

Many of the Ottoman Sultans wore this title officially (as in Caliph Sultan Ghazi Mehmed II Khan Caesar), along with Khan and Caesar. The Mughal Emperors also officially used the term Badshah Ghazi and sometimes also added the terms Alam Panah and Zilallah. Muslim champions, such as Saladin and Ahmad ibn Ibrahim, may have this title added to their name out of respect, respectively Ghazi Saladin and Ahmad Al-Ghazi.

The term Ghazi (Arabic: غازى‎) may refer to:


  • Ghazi, an Islamic term for one who participates in religious warfare.


"Ghazi" as an honorific is a title gained by fighting for Islam or defending Muslims. "Ghazi" can also be a given name or a family name. Examples of all three uses are included below.

An Arab Army General, Senator, CEO of Telecommunications Regulatory Commision.