Ghaziabad, Pakistan

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Ghaziabad غازی آباد
Ghaziabad غازی آباد is located in Pakistan
Ghaziabad غازی آباد
Ghaziabad غازی آباد
Coordinates: 30°17′N 72°23′E / 30.29°N 72.39°E / 30.29; 72.39
Country Pakistan
156 m (512 ft)
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)

Ghazi Abad غازی آباد is an emerging town of Chichawatni Tehsil in Punjab, Pakistan. Present on the road head of Chechawatni- Burewala; connecting Karachi with Lahore and Islamabad. It includes following villages:-

  • 169/9-L (largest village)
  • 170/9-L
  • 171/9-L
  • 172/9-L
  • 173/9-L
  • 174/9-L
  • 20/11-L
  • 21/11-L Synonym: Ghaziabad
  • 22/11.L
  • 23/11.L
  • 24/11.L
  • 25/11-L
  • 26/11-L Synonym: Shamsabad
  • 28/11-L


As per the District Gazetteer 1883-84,[1] Sahiwal (earlier known as; Montgomery and formally Gugera), the entire area was rarely populated; with nearly three thousand inhabitants in 1881 census. The current area was neither cultivated nor showing some civilized shape till mid 19th century. After WW1, British government gave award land to military veterans in the area keep the area under direct control, while bringing civilization in the area.

Inspector. Raja ShahRehman was among the initial settlers in the area, who was also awarded land in 21-11L. Subsequently, his brothers Capt (R) ShahJahan, Capt (R) ShahZaman migrated from Dadhocha, Rawalpindi and established their base here. In early 60s the compensation was given to Mirpur Dam displaced families and a large number of agriculture land was allotted to them.

The area got a proper shape when canal system was established after Indus water treaty in 1962. The land got cultivated and prosperity became obvious.

Jaggery گُڑ Production


The Word Ghazi is associated with term Islamic Worrier, the name was given to the village due to military contributions of earlier and subsequent residents. Few prominent military persons include names of Col (R) Tariq uz Zaman, Col (R) Atiq Uz Zaman, Lt Col (R) Khaliq uz Zaman, Brig Anjum Zaman (Shaheed), Brig (R) Shabbir Ahmed. Beside these veterans a large number of 3rd generation is also currently serving in military.

Major (R) Late Ghulam Mustafa Maan, SSP (R) Ch. Nimatullah, Tahir Javed Farooqi and Raja Bashir Ahmad are few prominent villagers of surroundings.

Raja Kamran Kayani is a well known Lambardar (Government representative) of 21-11L. Raja Gulshare Kayani also a prominent political figure in the area.

Adda Ghaziabad[edit]

Adda Ghaziabad , the main Town Centre is a commercial hub for locals. Presence of banks, police station, mobile / food markets, jewelry and garment shops gives it a distinct status among the small commercial setups. A number of residential colonies are also present and getting popularity among the new settlers. It is a major milk collection area for Olper, Nestle', Pak Dairies and Gourmet companies.


Most of villagers are dependent on agriculture, while a large number is associated with government and private services. Due to commercial town 'Ghaziabad' , a number of locals are trying their luck in business activities also.

Bricks Making

Some labor are also found in bricks factory, however the number of these families are found less after government imposed restriction of child labor.

Government has already allotted 'Ghori pal' land to few significant families also.


Due to its central location, the area is specially getting fame with respect to educational facilities. Besides government schools for boys and girls, It also offer a number of other private and government ventures like Franchise of Allied, Educator and Divisional Public School (DPS). The area also offer quality Islamic education in various small Mardissa, present in the form of Al-Qalam Institute.


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