Ghent Students Rowing

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Ghent Students Rowing
Location Ghent, Belgium, Belgium
Home water Watersportbaan, Ghent
Founded 2004 (2004)
University Ghent University
Affiliations East Flemish Rowing League, Belgian Rowing Federation

Ghent Students Rowing ( StudentenRoeien Gent / SRG ) was a rowing club for students in the Belgian city of Ghent. This association was the first official student rowing club of Flanders and the only rowing club of Ghent that has Start to Row 18+ as a priority objective.


At the end of 2004, the initiative of Marc Verhoeyen, a former international rower and alumnus of Hogeschool Gent (University College Ghent), created the conditions to make a deal with the student services department of the Ghent University and Akhenaton Rowingschool, a club from Brussels active in the clubhouse of Royal Club Nautique de Gand. A new network between these clubs was created.

Stimulated by starting rowing, student Evelien Vercleyen at Hogeschool Gent (University College Ghent) and Assistant Professor Steven Van Pottelberg of the Ghent University, Ghent Students Rowing became a de facto association. From 2006 they became a member of the East Flemish Rowing League and the Belgian Rowing Federation.

The second and main host club Veterans' Rowers' Association has traditionally specialized in slightly older rowing athletes, but they were also educating students in rowing.

There are 4 rowing clubs in Ghent and two kayak clubs, all around the urban racecourse of Watersportbaan.


In early 2008, the UGhent-Rector Paul Van Cauwenberge took the initiative to bring the first Ghent Student Regatta to Portus Ganda, a highlight of contemporary urban design in the heart of Ghent. It was a huge national media event [1][2] The chairman of the Dutch Rowing Federation of Students (N.S.R.F.) wants to offer know-how as they are the suppliers of 80% of the international crews in the northern region of Belgium.

Tim Maeyens, 4th in the Olympic single scull finals for Belgium, has also the opinion that students rowing deserve more attention and support.

In March 2009 the clubs received their first racing boat from the Dutch Rowing Federation of Students. In November 2009, the Dean of the Ghent University gave a great silver plate to the president of the Dutch federation. It was given at the Chairmen's congress where David McGowan was one of the speakers.

Autonomy and activities[edit]

Student Services of the 4 colleges, university and the MBA Institute are part of the network, but the club does not receive any other support. [3][4][5][6][7] The urban rowing course Watersportbaan of Ghent is used. The annual Orca's Final Students Races and Company Eights Regatta in the Netherlands and Passage true Ghent are popular with rowing students.

The club was working on the creation of the Belgian Students Rowing Federation and Students Rowing Flanders.

Future projects[edit]

Several Henley winners have started up a structure for students from October 2015 onwards. They previously did this during the 19th century and in the 1920s and 1960s.


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