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Gheorghe Arsenescu (May 31, 1907 – May 29, 1962) was a Romanian army officer who led an anti-communist resistance movement in post-World War II Romania. He was born in Câmpulung.

Colonel Arsenescu, together with a fellow army officer, Toma Arnăuţoiu, formed a group named "Haiducii Muscelului" (Romanian for "The Outlaws from Muscel").[1] Arsenescu's resistance group operated out of the Southern Făgăraş Mountains, and, according to official reports, was responsible for over 70 robberies and 15 murders. He was captured by the Securitate in 1961 and executed in 1962 at Jilava Prison. A notable member of Arsenescu's resistance movement was Elisabeta Rizea, who was captured by the Securitate at the same time as he was.[2]


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