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Small Town
Country  India
State Odisha
District Bargarh
 • Official Oriya
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Vehicle registration OR-
Nearest city Padampur, Sohela
Lok Sabha constituency Bargarh

Ghess (Oriya pronunciation: [ɡʱẽs]) is a village in the Kosal region of Odisha India which is known for its culture and role in India's First War of Independence. It is situated 43 km from the district headquarters, Bargarh and 18 km from Sohela. It played an important role in the First War of Independence when the Zamindar of Ghess, Madho Sing, fought against the British along with Veer Surendra Sai, the King of Sambalpur. All male members of the Zamindar family were hanged or jailed or shot by the British, which is a very rare case of sacrifice in Indian history. Madhoo Sing has four sons namely: Hatey Sing (hanged), Kunjal Sing(hanged), Airi Sing (shot with Chabila Sai, brother of Surendra Sai) and Bairi Sing (died out of suffocation with smoke when British set fire in the cave he was resting).

Famous personalities from Ghess include writers Haldhar Nag, Manglu Charan Sahu. Haldhar nag is a famous poet from Ghess having enormous collection of koshli poetry including 'Mahasati Urmila' , Achia , Dhodo bargachh etc. He is also renamed as Loka Kabi Ratna.


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Coordinates: 21°11′00″N 83°17′00″E / 21.1833°N 83.2833°E / 21.1833; 83.2833