Ghetto Justice

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Ghetto Justice
Ghetto Justice official poster
Genre Legal drama
Created by Terry Tong Kei-ming
Written by Nota Manh
Starring Kevin Cheng
Myolie Wu
Sam Lee
Alex Lam
Joyce Tang
Sharon Chan
Shek Sau
Eddie Kwan
Mandy Wong
Theme music composer Hanjin Tan
Opening theme No Time to Regret by Hanjin Tan and M.C. Jin
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 20
Location(s) Hong Kong
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 45 minutes (approx.)
Production company(s) TVB
Original network TVB Jade
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release 30 May (2011-05-30) – 24 June 2011 (2011-06-24)
Followed by Ghetto Justice II (2012)
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Ghetto Justice
Traditional Chinese 怒火街頭
Simplified Chinese 怒火街头
Literal meaning "Fury Street Corner"

Ghetto Justice (Traditional Chinese: 怒火街頭) is a TVB modern drama series about a former talented lawyer who fights injustice for the people of the Sham Shui Po district in Hong Kong. The series became a success and was followed by a sequel, Ghetto Justice II.


Growing up in Sham Shui Po Kris Wong Si-fu (Myolie Wu) is an aspiring barrister who wishes to leave behind her grass root beginnings; her greatest desire being to share chambers with renowned barrister Spencer Cheung Pak-kei (Shek Sau). A resident of Sham Shui Po, Law Lik-ah (Kevin Cheng) runs a legal clinic at a social centre with his cousin George Mike, Jr (Alex Lam) and social worker Tin Ka-fu (Sam Lee). After several run-ins and misunderstandings with Kris, Law begins to have feelings for Kris, however Kris holds the unkept and uncouth Law in utter disdain.

Although he has limited himself to just giving advice when a friend falls foul of the law, Law Lik-ah decides to act in court once more. To her amazement Kris discovers that Law Lik-ah used to be known by the nickname LA Law, a barrister almost as famous as Spencer Cheung, and who disappeared from the legal profession after being in contempt of court.

As they co-operate on different cases Kris learns the reason for Law's premature retirement. In order to defend a client on a murder case, Law accused the brother of the victim of the crime, which although unprovable, cast so much doubt as to the guilt of his client that his client was acquitted. However the innocent man was unable to live with the accusation and killed himself. Kris initially holds that a barrister should defend her client with whatever means available and that it is up to the judge and jury to decide guilt. However, as they encounter wealthy individuals who attempt to use the law to escape justice she comes to accept that in addition to possible fame and renumeration a barrister should have a conscience. As they come to understand each other they become lovers, and Law decides to open chambers again in order to be able to provide for Kris.

When Kris's friend Ho Lee-ching (Sharon Chan) stumbles on Spencer's illegal machinations she is murdered. In order to gain justice for Lee-ching, Kris feigns indifference to her death and joining Spencer's legal team creates a scenario in which he incriminates himself. Calculating what Kris intends, Law acts to protect Kris and her ability to continue to be a barrister, he arranges evidence about the plot to point towards himself, and is disbared and sentenced for two years in her stead.


Sham Shui Po Civic Legal Advice Centre[edit]

Cast Role Description
Kevin Cheng Law Lik-ah
A barrister
Mai Bo's nephew
Mai George's cousin
Wong Si-fu's boyfriend
Tai-Ng Ting's supervisor
Took blame for perverting the course of justice, sentenced to 2-year jail and revoked barrister license in Episode 20
Sam Lee Ting Ka-fu
A social worker and a legal advice centre owner
Ting Fuk-yuen and Tam Wing-chau's son
Law Lik-ah and But Chik's friend
Ho Lee-ching's boyfriend
Alex Lam George Mike Jr.
A solicitor
Mai Bo's son
Law Lik-a's cousin
Joyce Tang Tai-Ng Ting
A restaurant waitress, later legal executive
Law Lik-ah's assistant
Tsui Kiu's daughter-in-law
Leung Fung's separated wife

Wong's family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Ching Hor-wai Poon Siu-king
A noodle restaurant owner
Wong Si-fu, Wong Yik-tim and Wong Si-yuen's mother
Myolie Wu Wong Si-fu, Kris
A barrister
Poon Siu-king's daughter
Wong Yik-tim and Wong Si-yuen's sister
Law Lik-ah's girlfriend
Destiny Cheng Wong Yik-tim
Poon Siu-king's daughter
Wong Si-fu and Wong Si-yuen's sister
Choi Yiu-lik Wong Si-yuen
Poon Siu-king's son
Wong Si-fu and Wong Yik-tim's brother

Ting's family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Chun Wong Ting Fuk-yuen
A restaurant group owner
Tam Wing-chau's husband
Ting Ka-fu's father
Ting Chu-wai Tam Wing-chau
Ting Fuk-yuen's wife
Ting Ka-fu's mother
Sam Lee Ting Ka-fu
Ting Fuk-yuen and Tam Wing-chau's son

Mai's family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Kwok Fung Mai Bo
George Mike
A retired justice
Mik George's father
Law Lik-ah's uncle
Alex Lam Mai Cho-chi, George
A solicitor
Mai Bo's son
Law Lik-ah's cousin
Loved Tai-Ng Ting

Leung's family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Lily Leung Tsui Kiu
Leung Fung's mother
Tai-Ng Ting's mother-in-law
Leung Yau-shun and Leung Yau-yee's grandmother
Ngai Wai Man Leung Fung
Tsui Fung's son
Tai-Ng Ting's separated husband
Leung Yau-shun and Leung Yau-yee's father
Threatened Tai-Ng Ting and Mai George
Joyce Tang Tai-Ng Ting
Tsui Fung's daughter-in-law
Leung Fung's separated wife
Leung Yau-shun and Leung Yau-yee's mother
Chan Wing-lam Leung Yau-shun
Tsui Kiu's granddaughter
Leung Fung and Tai-Ng Ting's daughter
Leung Yau Yee's sister
Cadmus Chan Leung Yau-yee
Tsui Kiu's grandson
Leung Fung and Tai-Ng Ting's son
Leung Yau-shun's brother

Legal cases[edit]

Sheung Chau-ping murder (Episode 2 - 4)[edit]

Cast Role Description
Claire Yiu Ma Cheuk Yee-tak
Ma Ching's wife
Lai Muk-kan's boss
Threatened Lai Muk-kan
Sentenced to life in Episode 4
Chan Wing-chun Lai Muk-kan
Ma Cheuk Yee-tak's driver
Threatened by Ma Cheuk Yee-tak
Killed Sheung Chau-ping
Sentenced to 7-years in jail in Episode 4
Geoffrey Wong Ma Ching
Ma Cheuk Yee-tak's husband
Sheung Chau-ping's boss and lover
Jeanette Leung Sheung Chau-ping
Sheung Chun-shang's sister
Ma Ching's subordinate and mistress
Killed by Lai Muk-kan in Episode 2
Cheng Ka-chun Sheung Chun-shang
Sheung Chau-ping's brother

Fuk Yuen Restaurant theft (Episode 5 - 6)[edit]

Cast Role Description
Chun Wong Ting Fuk-yuen
Fuk Yuen Restaurant owner
Tai-Ng Ting's ex-employer
Ting Ka-fu's father
Sued Tai-Ng Ting for stealing money
Joyce Tang Tai-Ng Ting
Ting Fuk-yuen's ex-employee
Refuted Ting Fuk-yuen forcing her to buy and promote mooncake coupons
Acquittal and released in Episode 6
Sam Lee Ting Ka-fu
Ting Fuk-yuen's son
Accused Ting Fuk-yuen of exploiting employees

Yam Yuen-yuen murder (Episode 8 - 11)[edit]

Cast Role Description
Savio Tsang Yam Ho-tin
Wong Mei-fun's husband
Yam Yuen-yuen's father
Ko Wing-leung's stepfather
Poon Fong-fong Wong Mei-fun
Yam Ho-tin's wife
Ko Wing-leung's mother
Yam Yuen-yuen's stepmother
Stephen Wong Ko Wing-leung
A car repair technician
Wong Mei-fun's son
Yam Ho-tin's stepson
Yam Yuen-yuen's stepbrother
Law Lik-a's friend
Yam Yuen-yuen's love interest
Acquittal and released in Episode 11
Katy Kung Yam Yuen-yuen
Yam Ho-tin's daughter
Wong Mei-fun's stepdaughter
Ko Wing-leung's stepsister
Chow Ka-ho's girlfriend
Loved Ko Wing-leung
Killed by accident in Episode 8
Yeung Ching-wah Chow Ka-ho, Howard
Yam Yuen-yuen's boyfriend

Miu Yeuk Lai murder (Episode 12 - 15)[edit]

Cast Role Description
Jess Shum Miu Yeuk Lai, Coco
Aunt Yim's granddaughter
Yeung Kwok Kui's wife
Wai Chai's mother
Mike Bo's tenant and mistress
Killed by Yeung Kwok Kui in Episode 12
Samuel Kwok Mai Bo
Mai George's father
Law Lik-ah's uncle
Miu Yeuk Lai's landlord and lover
Lee Fung Aunt Yim
Miu Yeuk Lai's grandmother
Dexter Young Yeung Kwok Kui
Miu Yeuk Lai's husband
Wai Chai's father
Guilty of manslaughter in Episode 15
Agassi Cheng Wai Chai
Yeung Kwok Kui and Miu Yeuk Lai's son

Tai-Ng Ting wounding assault (Episode 17)[edit]

Cast Role Description
Ngai Wai-man Leung Fung
Tai-Ng Ting's husband
Claimed to be wounded by Tai-Ng Ting
Threatened Tai-Ng Ting and Mai George
Charged by police for intentional injury and perverting the course of justice in Episode 17
Joyce Tang Tai-Ng Ting
Leung Fung's wife
Acquittal and released in Episode 17

Wong Tsz-kin murder (Episode 18 - 19)[edit]

Cast Role Description
Brian Wong Wong Tsz-kin
A triad member
Beaten to death by in Episode 18
Otto Chan Ho Tai-keung
Ho Yau-fuk's son
the first defendant
With criminal record
Plead guilty in Episode 19
Lau Tin-lung Yau Man-lai
the second defendant
University student
Ho Kwan-shing Law Bing-hei
the third defendant
University student
Cheng Tsz-yeung Yan Chau
the fourth defendant
University student
Cheng Wing-him Yan Yu
the fifth defendant
University student
Cheng Ka-sang Ho Yau-fuk
A drug trafficker
Ho Tai-keung's father
Bribed by Cheung Pak-kei to force Ho Tai-keung to plead guilty

Ho Lee-ching murder (Episode 19 - 20)[edit]

Cast Role Description
Shek Sau Cheung Pak-kei, Spencer
A barrister
Ching Pok-him's supervisor
Killed Ho Lee-ching in Episode 19
Guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 20-year jail in Episode 20
(Main Villain)
Sharon Chan Ho Lee-ching
A prostitute
Wong Si-fu's friend
Ting Ka-fu's girlfriend
But Chik's love interest
Killed by Cheung Pak-kei in Episode 19


Cast Role Description
Eddie Kwan But Chik
A policeman
So Shan's boyfriend
Ting Ka-fu's friend
Loved Ho Lee-ching
Stephen Huynh Ching Pok-him, Victor
A barrister
Cheung Pak-kei's subordinate
Mandy Wong Cheung Chi-sum, Silvia
A solicitor
Wong Si-fu's assistant
Joe Junior Ma Tik-lun
A barrister
Wong Si-fu's supervisor
Catherine Chau So Shan
But Chik's girlfriend

Awards and nominations[edit]

43rd Ming Pao Anniversary Awards 2011[edit]

  • Nominated: Outstanding Programme
  • Nominated: Outstanding Actor in Television (Kevin Cheng)
  • Nominated: Outstanding Actress in Television (Myolie Wu)
  • Nominated: Outstanding Crew in Television (Tong Kei Ming)

45th TVB Anniversary Awards 2011[edit]

  • Won: Best Actor (Kevin Cheng)
  • Won: Best Supporting Actress (Sharon Chan)
  • Won: My Favourite Male Character (Kevin Cheng)
  • Won: My Favourite Female Character (Myolie Wu)
  • Nominated: Best Drama - Top 5
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Actor (Sam Lee)
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Actor (Alex Lam) - Top 5
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Actress (Joyce Tang)
  • Nominated: My Favourite Female Character (Sharon Chan)
  • Nominated: Most Improved Male Artiste (Alex Lam) - Top 5
  • Nominated: Most Improved Female Artiste (Mandy Wong) - Top 5
  • Nominated: Most Improved Female Artiste (Katy Kung) - Top 5

My Astro on Demand Favourites Awards 2011[edit]

  • Won: My Favourite Drama
  • Won: My Favourite Actor (Kevin Cheng)
  • Won: My Favourite Supporting Actress (Sharon Chan)
  • Won: My Favourite Television Character (Kevin Cheng)
  • Nominated: My Favourite Supporting Actor (Alex Lam) - Top 5
  • Nominated: My Favourite On-screen Couple (Kevin Cheng & Myolie Wu) - Top 5
  • Nominated: My Favourite Potential Actor (Alex Lam) - Top 5
  • Nominated: My Favourite Potential Actress (Sharon Chan) - Top 5
  • Nominated: My Favourite Theme Song (Hanjin Tan & Jin Au-yeung) - Top 5

Viewership ratings[edit]

Week Episodes Average Points Peaking Points References
May 30 - June 3, 2011
1 — 5
June 6–10, 2011
6 — 10
June 13–17, 2011
11 — 15
June 20–24, 2011
16 — 20


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