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Ghiyath al-Din Tughluq Khan II
Sultan of Delhi
GS T II.jpg
Billon Half Tanka INO Khalifa Abu Abd-Allah
Reign 20 September 1388– 14 March 1389
Coronation 21 September 1388
Predecessor Firuz Shah Tughlaq
Successor Abu Bakr Shah
Died 14 March 1389
Delhi, Delhi Sultanate, now India
Dynasty Tughlaq Dynasty
Father Fateh Khan
Religion Islam

Ghiyath-ud-din Tughluq Shah II (Urdu; Persian; Arabic: سلطان غیاث الدین تغلق شاہ ), born Tughluq Khan, was the son of Fateh Khan, the son of Feroze Shah (Urdu; Persian; Arabic: تغلق خان ابن فتح خان ابن فیروز شاہ ). He was a Sultan of the Tughlaq dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate; he ascended to the throne in 1388 C.E.[1] However, a succession crisis started almost immediately with Muhammad Shah ibn Feroze Shah staking his claim with the support of his brother Fateh Khan’s brother Zafar Khan's son Abu Bakr Khan. Tughluq Khan dispatched troops against his uncle towards the foot of the hills of Sirmur. Muhammad Shah ibn Feroze Shah after a brief battle took shelter in the fort of Nagarkot, and Tughluq Khan’s army returned to Delhi without pursuing him any further due to the difficulties of the venture & terrain. Eventually though some Amirs joined Abu Bakr Khan son of Zafar Khan and Fateh Khan’s brother Zafar Khan's son and grandson of Sultan Feroze Shah Tughluq and plotted to assassinate Tughluq Khan. In 1389 they surrounded the Sultan and Khan Jahan, his vizier and, put them to death and hung up their heads over the gate of the city; the duration of the reign of Tughluq Khan, was five months and eighteen days.


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Preceded by
Sultan Feroze Shah Tughluq
Sultan of Delhi
Succeeded by
Sultan Abu Bakr Shah Tughluq