Gholam Hossein Sadighi

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Gholam Hossein Sadighi
Minister of Interior
In office
Monarch Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh
Minister of Posts, Telegraphs, and Telephones
In office
Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh
Personal details
Born Gholam Hossein Sadighi Noori
(1905-12-03)December 3, 1905
Died May 19, 1992(1992-05-19) (aged 86)
Nationality  Iran
Political party National Front
Spouse(s) Farahangiz Meftah
Children two daughters (Afarin and Nikou) and a son (Hossein)
Religion Islam

Dr. Gholam Hossein Sedighi (Persian: غلامحسین صدیقی‎‎;ِ December 3, 1905 - May 19, 1992), was an Iranian politician and Minister of Interior in the government of Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953. After a CIA-backed coup d'etat overthrew Mossadegh, Sedighi was arrested and later testified in defense of Mossadegh at the latter's trial. Despite the loss of power, Sedighi continued to be politically active. He helped to found the Second National Front in 1960 and, along with other pro-Mossadegh politicians, advocated a democratic system and a Shah that reigns but does not rule.

By 1978, Iran was gripped by mass turmoil and there was a significant danger that Mohammad Reza Pahlavi would be toppled by a mass rebellion led by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Because of this threat, the Shah appointed Sedighi as the prime minister in order to rally the moderates behind the government and neutralize the religious opposition. However, the plan collapsed over Sedighi's insistence that the Shah remain in the country and that full executive powers be entrusted in the premier's cabinet, two things that the Shah refused to grant. Because of this, Sedighi left the scene and the Shah instead appointed Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar (one of the leaders of the National Front (Iran)) as prime Minister of Iran. Sedighi was a patriot who never left Iran and lived in Tehran until his death in March 1990. He is buried in Ebn-e Baveh cemetery in Iran.

Personal life[edit]

Sedighi was married to Farahangiz Meftah with whom he had two daughters (Afarin and Nikou Sadighi) and a son (Hossein Sedighi).

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