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Gholam Reza Afkhami is senior scholar and director of Social Science Research and International Studies at the Foundation for Iranian Studies, a Washington-based research institution dedicated to the study of Iranian history, culture, economy and politics, created with the financial support from the twin sister of the Shah of Iran, Princess Ashraf Pahlavi. He is also the father of basketball player Ehsan Afkhami. He was formerly a visiting scholar at the Hoover Institution on Revolution, War and Peace at Stanford (1980–1983), where he studied issues of development in the Third World, lectured on conflict and concord in the US relations with the countries of the Middle East, and prepared a text on the Iranian Revolution. Before the revolution of 1979, he was secretary general of Iran's National Committee for World Literacy Program (1975–1979), headed by Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, and deputy minister of interior,[1] 1974–1975. Between 1967 and 1979 he was professor of politics and until 1974 associate dean of the College of Economics and Political Science at the National University of Iran.


Afkhami is author of several books and articles in Persian and English.


  • The Iranian Revolution: Thanatos on a National Scale (1985) ISBN 978-0-916808-28-0
  • The Nature of the Pahlavi Monarchy in Iran, in Peter Chelkowski and Robert Pranger, Eds.
  • Power and Conflict in the Middle East (1987)
  • The Oral History Collection of the Foundation for Iranian Studies, co-edited with Seyyed Vali Reza Nasr (1991), among others. OCLC 27194071


  • A Series in Iran's Economic and Social Development, 1941–1978
    • Khuzistan's Development (1995)
    • Iran's Atomic Energy Program (1997)
    • The Evolution of Iran's Oil Policy (1998)
    • Ideology, Process and Politics in Iran's Development Planning (1999)
    • The Evolution of Iran's Gas Industry (1999)
    • The Evolution of Iran's Petrochemical Industry (2001)
    • Ideology, Politics and Process in Iran's Economic Development, 1960-1970 (2001)
    • Women, State, and Society in Iran, 2 vols. (2002, 2003)

Afkhami's most recent book is The Life and Times of the Shah, a history of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran 1941-1979, set against the political, economic, social, and cultural dynamics of the country and the world in which he lived and worked. The volume was published by the University of California Press, Berkeley, winter 2008/09 (ISBN 9780520253285).


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