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Ghomrassen is located in Tunisia
Coordinates: 33°03′33″N 10°20′24″E / 33.05917°N 10.34000°E / 33.05917; 10.34000Coordinates: 33°03′33″N 10°20′24″E / 33.05917°N 10.34000°E / 33.05917; 10.34000
GovernoratesTataouine Governorate
 • Total9,568
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

Ghomrassen (Arabic: غمراسن‎) is a city of southeast Tunisia located 16 miles from Tataouine Delegation of Ghomrassen, ed. Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Tunisia, Tunis, 2004, p. 24 and 40 kilometers from Medenine.

Administratively attached to the Tataouine, it is a Municipality of 11383 inhabitants. She is also the county seat of delegation of the same name which has 18335 Template:En inhabitants 2004 Census at delegation level [(National Institute of Statistics)] and brings together, in addition to the city of Ghomrassen, the villages of Ksar Hadada, Oued El Khil, Elferch, Elhorria, and Ksar Elmorabitin Guermassa.


The city, located about 480 km south of the capital Tunis and surrounded by mountains, is built on the site of an ancient oasis. The majority of irrigation wells, and the oasis, disappeared with the urban development of the city.

The average temperature is 22°C and annual rainfall varies between 88 and 157 millimeters.

Administratively, the city is divided into several sectors or Imad, whose authority is embodied by the omda, which can be both urban and rural areas.

The city is divided into several districts: chare3 el joumhouriya, where the Market, a mosque sometimes considered the most luxurious historic city, essned, the neighborhood where the primary school of March 2 and a mosque.


Its name comes from the words Tifinagh "Ghom" meaning "tribe" and sensitive meaning "chief". A myth told by the inhabitants of Ghomrassen indicates that the city name comes from two words, Ghom Rassi نغم راسي, given by one seven brothers from the region of el-Hamra Seguia (northern Western Sahara) to fifteenth century to populate the south-east of Tunisia and from the confederation of Werguemma كنفدرالية ورغمة. This brother had settled in the location of the future Ghomrassen he later founded, while his brothers were scattered in the southeast of the country to achieve the key groups of people in the region: Wederni الودرني and Jlidi الجليدي founded Tataouine, Touzni التوزني Medenine and Ben Gardane, Houioui الحويوي Beni Khedach and Khzouli الخزولي Umm Ettemr. Finally, Tarhouni الترهوني is party Libya and founded the city of Tarhounah.