Ghost (Phish song)

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Song by Phish
from the album The Story of the Ghost
Genre Rock
Length 3:52
Songwriter(s) Anastasio, Marshall

"Ghost" is a song from Phish's 1998 studio release The Story of the Ghost, in the key of A minor, Dorian mode. The song is characterized by a slow, funky groove and surrealist lyrics describing the narrator's relationship with a ghost.

"Ghost" is an historically important part of Phish's repertoire because its basic feel helped to define what many fans perceived as a change in emphasis from the cathartic, high-energy live performances of the early and mid-1990s, to the more pensive, sensual and rhythmically intense improvisations of the late-1990s. During this period, a number of the band's songs displayed a similar feel in live performance.

"Ghost" premiered during Phish's 1997 European tour, on June 13, 1997 in Dublin (Ireland), and has been played over 150 times in concert.[1]