Ghost Soup

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Ghost Soup
Ghost soup dvd.jpg
Directed by Shunji Iwai
Produced by Fuji TV
Written by Shunji Iwai
Starring Hiroyuki Watari
Ranran Suzuki
Dave Spector
Music by Hironori Doi
Distributed by Fuji TV
Release date
December 21, 1992
Running time
58 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Ghost Soup is a 1992 Japanese TV drama produced for Fuji TV as part of their part of the food-themed drama series, La Cuisine by Shunji Iwai.


It's Christmas Eve in Tokyo as Ichiro is moving into his new apartment one month ahead of schedule. As he is getting settled in, two strangers enter the apartment and are surprised to find him there. They begin complaining that he is upsetting their plans for a Christmas party to be thrown in the apartment that night before attempting to kick him out.

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