Ghost Story (album)

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Ghost Story
Studio album by Phideaux Xavier
Released 2004
Recorded NYC
Genre Progressive rock
Psychedelic rock
Length 50:49
Label Bloodfish Media
Producer Gabriel Moffat
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Ghost Story
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars link
Mark Hughes, DPRP link

Ghost Story is the second album released by composer Phideaux Xavier.[1]

After completing Fiendish, Xavier was convinced he now had the machinery in place to satisfactorily record his songs from the aborted album Ghost Story. He and drummer Rich Hutchins quickly reconvened to redo that album with Gabriel Moffat producing and mixing. The finished album was released in 2004 and saw Phideaux bring a harder rock and dance edge than his earlier albums.


  1. "Everynight" (05:14)
  2. "Feel the Radiation" (04:02)
  3. "A Curse of Miracles" (06:25)
  4. "Kiteman" (04:30)
  5. "Wily Creilly" (05:24)
  6. "Beyond the Shadow of Doubt" (07:45)
  7. "Ghostforest" (05:45)
  8. "Universally" (05:45)
  9. "Come Out Tonight" (05:52)


  • Rich Hutchins – Drums, Gongs, Electric Drums[1]
  • Mark Sherkus - Minimoog, Guitars (Solo on 3), Organ, Piano, “Grrrrrr” Synthesizer[1]
  • Sam Fenster - Bass (2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9)[1]
  • Gabriel Moffat - Drum Distressments, Textures, Decay, Lead Guitar Cut & Paste, Ambient Loops, Noise Pollution[1]
  • Phideaux Xavier - Vocals, Guitars (Acoustic, Volume, Lead, Fuzz), Bass[1]
  • Naomi Uman - Maniacal Laugh (7)[1]


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