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Ghost of the Robot
OriginLos Angeles, California, United States
GenresRock, Alternative rock, Country
Years active2002–2004, 2010–present
LabelsRobot Records, EyeLAshout
Associated actsJames Marsters (solo), Friendship, Fictionist, Power Animal
MembersJames Marsters
Charlie De Mars
Kevin McPherson
Jordan Latham
Sullivan Marsters
Past membersSteven Sellers
Aaron Anderson

Ghost of the Robot (GOTR) are a California-based rock band. Among the original band members are James Marsters (vocals/guitar), Charlie De Mars (guitar/vocals) and Kevin McPherson (bass). Rounding out the group are Sullivan Marsters (guitar/vocals) and Jordan Latham (drums). [1]

Ghost 1.0[edit]

The band recorded two albums, Mad Brilliant (2003) and B-Sider (2004), before going on hiatus in 2005.

Ghost 2.0[edit]

They reunited in October 2010 at the very club in Santa Monica where they had played their first show followed by the release of their studio album Murphy's Law (2012), and a European Tour. Ghost of the Robot has continued to develop their sound. James Marsters adds, "The other thing about this new incarnation is that I'm very excited about Charlie singing his songs… We've always had the Beatles as a touchstone; the Beatles had no real lead singer but passed around lead vocals… And so when we're all singing together, it's really hard to tell who's who. It really mixes beautifully.”

Since 2013 they have played clubs and music festivals in Sacramento, Portland, San Diego, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Atlanta, and concerts that were streamed live from studios in Lake Tahoe and Sacramento, CA, to fans all over the world.

Ghost of the Robot has four albums to their credit. Alongside the latest Murphy's Law and Bourgeois Faux Pas, they've re-released their earlier albums Mad Brilliant and B-Sider. They are currently in the studio creating their fifth album Pair of Bulls Part 1.

Catalog Availability[edit]

All of their EPs and singles are released by EyeLAshout on iTunes and Amazon.

Performances and Media Appearances[edit]

Date Event Notes
April 23, 2004 The Sharon Osbourne Show[2] Performed It's Nothing
July 23, 2016 Harlow's Performed


Band members[edit]

Current members:

  • Charlie De Mars – guitar and vocals
  • James Marsters – guitar and vocals
  • Jordan Latham - drums
  • Kevin McPherson – bass
  • Sullivan Marsters – guitar and vocals
  • Eddie Underwood - lead guitar

Past members:

  • Steven Sellers – keyboard and backing vocals (died February 21, 2009)
  • Aaron Anderson – drums (2003-2004)




Mad Brilliant (2003)[3]

  1. "Liar" (Duration: 2:54 minutes)
  2. "Vehicles Shock Me" (Duration: 4:42 minutes)
  3. "Dangerous" (Duration: 2:54 minutes)
  4. "David Letterman" (Duration: 3:28 minutes)
  5. "Angel" (Duration: 2:00 minutes)
  6. "Valerie" (Single) (Duration: 2:37 minutes)
  7. "Mad Brilliant" (Duration: 1:45 minutes)
  8. "Call 911" (Duration: 4:34 minutes)
  9. "Blocking Brainwaves" (Duration: 3:46 minutes)
  10. "German. Jewish." (Duration: 4:00 minutes)
  11. "Goodnight Sweet Girl" (Duration: 4:55 minutes)

  • B-Sider (2011)[4]
  1. "Goodbye" (Duration: 2:05 minutes)
  2. "Sounds Like A Personal Problem" (Duration: 3:59 minutes)
  3. "Méfiant" (Duration: 6:31 minutes)
  4. "New Man" (Duration: 5:22 minutes)
  5. "Country Live In" (Duration: 4:19 minutes)
  6. "It's Nothing" (EP) (Duration: 3:06 minutes)
  7. "Runaway" (Duration: 3:51 minutes)
  8. "This Town" (Duration: 3:16 minutes)
  9. "Pre-War" (Duration: 3:48 minutes)
  10. "The End" (Un-released) (Duration: 4:01 minutes)

  • ''Murphy's Law (2011)[5]
  1. "Go Luck Yourself!" (Duration: 2:41 minutes)
  2. "One Love, One Exception" (Duration: 3:04 minutes)
  3. "Too Fast" (Duration: 2:32 minutes)
  4. "Alone Cowboy song" (Duration: 2:23 minutes)
  5. "Truth Is" (Duration: 2:50 minutes)
  6. "Blind Eyes" (Duration: 2:50 minutes)
  7. "Is Shoes" (Duration: 3:15 minutes)
  8. "Smile" (Duration: 3:17 minutes)
  9. "Moonshot" (Duration: 4:23 minutes)
  10. "Strippers" (Duration: 2:41 minutes)
  11. "Finer Than Gold" (Duration: 2:50 minutes)
  12. "If This Is Love" (Duration: 4:34 minutes)
  13. "Transferring Energy" (Duration: 3:53 minutes)
  14. "Men Who Die" (Duration: 2:59 minutes)
  15. "Figures" (Duration: 4:31 minutes)
  16. "The Key" (Duration: 2:57 minutes)

  • Bourgeois Faux Pas (2015)[6]
  1. "Hello (Album Version)" (Duration: 4:40 minutes)
  2. "Back To Act Too" (Duration: 2:10 minutes)
  3. "Three" (Duration: 3:12 minutes)
  4. "Mother Of Peril" (Duration: 4:16 minutes)
  5. "Bad" (Duration: 3:45 minutes)
  6. "All That She Wanted" (Duration: 2:46 minutes)
  7. "Why Do We Love?" (Duration: 2:59 minutes)
  8. "Katie" (Duration: 3:28 minutes)
  9. "The Weight" (Duration: 2:59 minutes)
  10. "Fall Away" (Duration: 4:10 minutes)
  11. "Dark Matter" (Duration: 3:55 minutes)

EPs and singles[edit]

  • It's Nothing EP (2004)
  1. "It's Nothing"
  2. "Runaway"
  3. "Pre-War"
  4. "This Town"
  5. "She Likes Rap Grooves" (Featuring Ice Berg, Rockmaninoff and Sir-Rock)

  • David Letterman (2003)
  1. "David Letterman"
  2. "Sounds Like a Personal Problem"
  3. "Mefiant"

  • Valerie (2003)
  1. "Valerie"
  2. "Goodbye"

  • Hello (Single) (2014)


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