Ghosts Before Breakfast

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Ghosts Before Breakfast
Directed by Hans Richter
Produced by Hans Richter
Written by Werner Graeff
Hans Richter
Starring Werner Graeff
Cinematography Reimar Kuntze
Release dates
  • 14 July 1928 (1928-07-14)
Running time
9 minutes
Country Weimar Republic

Ghosts Before Breakfast (German: Vormittagsspuk) is a 1928 German dadaist animated short film directed by Hans Richter.[1][2] It utilizes stop motion for some of its effect and live action for others. The film does not present a coherent narrative, and includes a number of seemingly arbitrary images. The original soundtrack, written by Paul Hindemith, was destroyed by the Nazis, but new audio tracks have been created by artists such as The Real Tuesday Weld. British composer Ian Gardiner, who has written many scores for cinema and television, created a score for the film in 2006 (premiered by the Liverpool group Ensemble 10/10, directed by Clark Rundell). UK-based American composer Jean Hasse (Visible Music) wrote a score in 2008 for the UK-based ensemble Counterpoise (violin, trumpet, alto sax, piano).



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