Ghotki rail crash

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Ghotki rail crash
Date July 13, 2005
Location Ghotki
Country Pakistan
Rail line Karachi to Rawalpindi
Operator Pakistan Railways
Type of incident collision
Cause Incorrectly set points
Trains 3
Deaths 109
Injuries 100

The Ghotki rail crash occurred on July 13, 2005, at around 3:40am local time (2240 July 12 UTC) in Ghotki, Pakistan. A train (Quetta Express) stopping at the Sarhad (a town near Ghotki) rail station was hit from behind by a train (Karachi Express) that missed a signal. The collision caused several of the cars to derail. The derailed cars were subsequently hit by a third train (Tezgam), which resulted in a total of seventeen wrecked train cars, which carried over 3000 passengers. The entire staff of Sarhad railway station fled when the accident occurred.

The train that rammed into the stopped train at the Ghotki station originated in Lahore and was headed for the city of Karachi. The third train involved in the accident was heading from Karachi to Rawalpindi near the country's capital city of Islamabad.

Although the exact death toll was not originally known, officials estimated that over 500 people may have died as a result of the accident. Final results put the death toll at a substantially-lower 109 victims.

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