Ghulam Faruq Yaqubi

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Ghulam Faruq Yaqubi
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Minister of State Security
In office
6 December 1985 – 16 April 1992
Prime Minister Sultan Ali Keshtmand
Mohammad Hasan Sharq
Fazal Haq Khaliqyar
Preceded by Mohammad Najibullah
Personal details
Born 1938
Died 16 April 1992
Kabul, Republic of Afghanistan
Political party People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan

Ghulam Faruq Yaqubi was an Afghan politician and Army General. He was a significant figure In the Afghan Security Service, KHAD, from 1980 to 1985.

Early life and education[edit]

Born in Kabul, son of Khan Muhammad, and educated at the Najat School, Kabul police academy and in West Germany.


He began his career as a lecturer at the Kabul police academy in 1966. Subsequently, he served as the director of operations and general director of the criminal department in Ministry of Interior.[1] Yakubi was promoted both to Politburo status and the rank of Colonel General, the highest rank held by the regime's military. In 1986 the KHAD became a separate ministry under the name Ministry of State Security (WAD). The ministry was personally controlled by him, who started to take part in cabinet meetings in a ministerial capacity.[2]

He was responsible for the defeat of a coup attempt on March 6, 1990. In that opportunity, Lieut. Gen. Shahnawaz Tanai and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar attempted to overthrow the Government, but their plans were discovered by the WAD under his command.[2]


After the collapse of President Najibullah's government on April 1992, he was either assassinated by the Mujahideen or committed suicide.[2] Although the new ruling council eventually declared a general amnesty, there were other instances of summary execution and reprisal killings by various forces after the coup. Some sources claimed that he killed himself after learning of the President's attempted escape.


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Government offices
Preceded by
Mohammad Najibullah
General Secretary of KHAD
May 1986 – April, 1992
Succeeded by
None - Government dissolved
Preceded by
None - Position created
Minister of State Security
May 1986 – April, 1992
Succeeded by
None - Government dissolved