Ghulam Haidar Rasuli

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Major General Ghulam Haidar Rasuli (1919–1978) born in rustaq was a supporter of Mohammed Daoud Khan, who came out of retirement after the 1973 coup which removed King Zahir Shah and put Daoud in power. Rasuli was appointed Minister of Defense of Afghanistan in 1977, but was killed in the 1978 Saur Revolution. Major Gen. Ghulam Haidar Rasuli was the son of Ghulam Rasul a Muhammadzai Barakzai from Kandahar. Ghulam Haidar Rasuli was the Great Grand son of the Amir Mohammad khan full brother of Amir Dost Muhammad khan Barakzai (amir of Afghanistan) from the muhammadzai Barakzai tribe.