Ghulam Mohammed Baloch

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Ghulam Mohammed Baloch
Founder Baloch National Movement
Personal details
Born January 1, 1959
Soro, Mand, Kech, Turbat District, Balochistan
Died April 3 2009
Murgaap, Turbat, Balochistan
Political party Baloch National Movement
Residence Turbat, Balochistan
Profession Politician
Religion Islam

Ghulam Mohammed Baloch (Balochi: غلام محمد بلوچ) was a Baloch nationalist politician. At the time of his assassination in 2009,[1] he was serving as the president of the Baloch National Movement, as well as the General Secretary of the newly-formed Baloch National Front. He had earlier served as a chairman of the Baloch Students Organization. His dead body was discovered on the 9th of April 2009, five days after being detained by Pakistan's paramilitary Frontier Corps. The killing lead to riots around Balochistan.[2] He had been detained several times in the past by Pakistani intelligence agencies due to his political activities.[3][4] He had also played an important role in securing the release of abducted American UNHCR official John Solecki just days before his death.[5]

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