Ghulam Mohammed Baloch

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Ghulam Mohammed Baloch
Founder Baloch National Movement
Personal details
Born January 1, 1959
Soro, Mand, Kech, Turbat District, Balochistan
Died April 3 2009
Murgaap, Turbat, Balochistan
Political party Baloch National Movement
Residence Turbat, Balochistan
Profession Politician

Ghulam Mohammed Baloch (Balochi: غلام محمد بلوچ) was a Baloch nationalist politician. At the time of his assassination in 2009,[1] he was serving as the president of the Baloch National Movement, as well as the General Secretary of the newly formed Baloch National Front. He had earlier served as a chairman of the Baloch Students Organization. His dead body was discovered on 9 April 2009, five days after being detained by Pakistan's paramilitary Frontier Corps. The killing led to riots around Balochistan.[2] He had been detained several times in the past by Pakistani intelligence agencies due to his political activities.[3][4] He also played an important role in securing the release of abducted American UNHCR official John Solecki just days before his death.[5]

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