Ghulam Mustafa (businessman)

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Ghulam Mustafa
গুলাম মুস্তাফা
GMustafa presenting bouquette to Prof. Yunus.jpg
Ghulam Mustafa presenting bouquette to Prof. Muhammed Yunus on 4 March 2003.
Born (1953-12-31) 31 December 1953 (age 61)
Feni, East Pakistan, now Bangladesh)
Nationality Bangladeshi
Alma mater Chittagong University
Occupation Businessperson
Social work
Known for BAIRA
Migration management for Economic Development
Religion Islam

Rtn. Ghulam Mustafa PHF MD (Bengali: গুলাম মুস্তাফা) (born 31 December 1953) is recognized for his views on migration and is currently a recognized resource on the multi-billion dollar industry of Manpower Export from Bangladesh.[1] He served as president of BAIRA starting in October 2008.[2]

Early life[edit]

Mustafa or popular known locally as 'Shada chul Mustafa' (White haired Mustafa) was born in Munshirhat, District of Feni to Abdul Wadud, a primary school principal. His family was highly educated. He lost his father at the age of 5 and was brought up by his mother. He graduated with a Masters in economics from Chittagong University in 1976.

Liberation War[edit]

Mustafa was a Freedom Fighter during the Bangladesh Liberation War of '71. He served as a staff officer to the commanding officer in the 10th East Bengal Regiment, Sector-2 under Col. Zafar Imam and fought in the Battle of Belonia Bulge.[3]


In 1980s he retired from the Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industry Corporation and established his very first enterprise with the concept of 'Export or Perish'. Mustafa has diversified and engaged in several sectors, including: Manpower Export, Travel and Tourism, Global Logistics, Seafood Export, Education Institute, Development of Skilled Workforce, Insurance and Real Estate. He's currently the CEO and Managing Director of Prantik Group.[citation needed]

With three decades of experience, Mustafa is noted for his Migration knowledge and views regarding its future. He has been invited to lecture on Migration by ILO,[4] IOM,[5][6] National Defence College of Bangladesh and many other local and international organization.[7] As BAIRA leader, he was interviewed in international media such as BBC, Al Jazeera, NHK Japan and others.[citation needed] He served as Chairman, HRD & Migration Management to FBCCI and as EC Member of Bangladesh Better Business forum, under the committee of Skill Development Working Group.[citation needed]


He was the student of Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus in Chittagong University and has been nominated and currently[when?] serving on the Board of Directors for the Grameen Fund and Grameen Knitwear.


G. Mustafa is a Fellow of the EDI of the World Bank. Mustafa was awarded with hundreds of recognition and mentionable are the gold medals by the Journalist Forum and BAIRA members for his ethical and progressive contribution to the sector. He was also honored by the then Mayor of Manila with the City's gold key. He was also honoured as Commercially Important Person (CIP) of Bangladesh consecutively for 5 years.[citation needed]


Mustafa is a Rotarian and has written the only book regarding Rotary Experience in Bangladesh, 'I am eager to say all about Rotary' was published on 25 May 2000. He also brought out the only life experience and scenario witnessing of Feni-Belonia War (Battle of the Belonia bulge), 'Feni-Belonia: A heated war field.'[8]


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