Ghulam Sarwar

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Ghulam Sarwar
Born Bengal Presidency (now Bangladesh), British India
Residence London, England
Nationality Bangladeshi
Citizenship British
Alma mater Govt College of Commerce,
University of Dhaka
Spouse(s) Feroza Sarwar

Ghulam Sarwar is a Bangladeshi-born British writer on Islam in English and director of the Muslim Educational Trust (MET).


Sarwar was born in the Bengal Presidency (now Bangladesh), British India. He graduated with Honours in commerce from the Govt College of Commerce in Chittagong[1][2] and also received his Masters in Business Management from the University of Dhaka.


His support for Jamaat-e-Islami has led to accusations of collaboration with Pakistan in the Bangladesh independence struggle.[3]


Sarwar's Islam: Beliefs and Teachings is used in religious education classes, especially in British schools.[4]

His other written works include:

  • Islam for Younger People. Muslim Educational Trust. ISBN 090726140X[2]
  • The Children’s Book of Salah. Muslim Educational Trust. ISBN 0907261094
  • British Muslims and Schools. Muslim Educational Trust. ISBN 0907261434
  • Sex Education: The Muslim Perspective. Muslim Educational Trust. ISBN 0907261418
  • Syllabus and Guidelines for Islamic Teaching. Muslim Educational Trust. ISBN 0907261078
  • Muslims and Education in the UK. Muslim Educational Trust. ISBN 0907261434

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