Giacomo Alboresi

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Giacomo Alboresi (1632–1677) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period. Born in Bologna, he was a pupil of Domenico Santi and the quadratura painter Agostino Mitelli and later worked under Angelo Michele Colonna in Spain, Florence, and Parma. He married Mitelli's daughter.

Colonna and Alboresi used painters Fulgenzio Mondini, and later Giulio Cesare Milani, and Canuti, to place figures in their backgrounds. Examples of the collaboration of Colonna, Alboresi and Canuti can be found at the Palazzo Felicini. He worked with Mondini in painting the Death and Canonization of St. Anthony of Padua for the San Petronio Basilica at Bologna. In the church of San Giacomo Maggiore, he painted some subjects of perspective, in which the figures were painted by Bartolommeo Passarotti. He also worked in conjunction with Antonio Maria Pasio in the cathedral of Florence.