Giacomo Filippo Foresti

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A T-O World Map by Jacobus, P. (1503). Novissime hystoriarum omnium repercussiones. Venetiis: Albertinus di Lissona.

Giacomo Filippo Foresti da Bergamo[1] (1434–1520) was an Augustinian monk,[2] known as the author of several significant early printed works. He was a chronicler and Biblical scholar.

Supplementum chronicarum, 1491

His Supplementum chronicarum (first printed at Venice, 1483)[3] was a supplement to the usual universal chronicle; it ran to numerous subsequent editions. Though it mixes mythological figures, treated euhemeristically as historical ones, on an equal footing with Christian cultural heroes, with additional chapters on the Sibyls and the Trojan War,[4] amongst other things, it records Giovanni da Carignano's lost work on papal contacts at Avignon in 1306 with Ethiopian visitors.[5]

His De claris mulieribus[6] updated the work of Boccaccio of the same title. It was dedicated to Beatrice of Aragon[7] This book, as well as the Supplementum, influenced many subsequent publications

He also wrote a well-known confessional.


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