Giacomo Jaquerio

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The Calvary, at the Abbey of Sant'Antonio di Ranverso.

Giacomo Jaquerio (c. 1375 – 1453) was an Italian medieval painter, one of the main exponents of Gothic painting in Piedmont. He was active in his native town Turin, Geneva and other localities of Savoy.


He was born into a family of painters, and his early life he moved frequently from Turin to Geneva, Thonon-les-Bains and other French localities, mostly working for Duke Amadeus VIII of Savoy, noble families and religious institutions. Starting from 1429 he lived in Turin. For the princes of Acaja he frescoed the castle of Turin (current Palazzo Madama), but his work has been lost.

His other works include fragments of frescoes with Musician Angels (c. 1410 – 1415) in the Maccabi Chapel of the Cathedral of Geneva, now in the Art and History Museum of that city, and a series of frescoes in the Preceptory of Sant'Antonio in Ranverso (from c. 1410). Also attributed to Jaquerio are two tables with the Stories of St. Peter in the Civic Museum of Ancient Art in Turin (c. 1410) and a miniature of the Crucifixion (c. 1420) in the Aosta Cathedral Museum.


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