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"Jamaica / Pappagallo"
Single by Robertino
WrittenT. A. Valli
Released1961 (1961)
Format7" vinyl single

"Giamaica" (also known as "Jamaica") is a song written by T. A. Valli. In late 1950s and 1960s it was recorded by a number of Italian artists: Luciano Virgili,[1] Giorgio Consolini,[2] 13-year-old Robertino Loretti.[3][4][5][6]


Robertino Loretti characterizes the song as "bright and fresh".[7]

The lyrics go like this:

Jamaica! Jamaica! When it seemed like I was burning under your magnificent scorching sun, I could quench my thirst from a spring. But how can I rinse the heat of my heart that burns of passion?[8]

Popularity in the Soviet Union[edit]

In the USSR Robertino Loretti's version of the song became immensely popular when around 1962 his record containing it was released in the country.[9] Together with his rendition of "Santa Lucia", "Giamaica" could be heard from every window.[10][11][12] The song was since translated into Russian.

Other covers[edit]

In 1961 the song was covered by Danish singer Birthe Wilke. Her version was released as a single, with "Pepito" on the other side.[13][14]

Track listings[edit]

Luciano Virgili "Giamaica" (single)[edit]

7" (45 RPM) single La Voce Del Padrone 7MQ 1498 (1958, Italy)

A. "Giamaica"
(T. A. Valli)
B. "Ti desidero"
(Guarino, Pluto)[1]

Giorgio Consolini "Giamaica" (single)[edit]

7" (45 RPM) single Parlophon QMSP 16269 (1959, Italy)

A. "Giamaica"
AA. "Rimpiangimi"
(Testoni, Piubeni)[2]

Robertino "Jamaica / Pappagallo" (single)[edit]

7" (45 RPM) single (1959, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, etc.)

A. "Jamaica"
Robertino with the Otto Franckers Orchestra
AA. "Pappagallo"
Robertino with the Otto Franckers Orchestra[3]

Robertino "Jamaica" (EP)[edit]

7" EP (45 RPM) Triola TEP 31 (1961, Sweden, Switzerland, etc.)

A1. "Jamaica"
A2. "Pappagallo"
B1. "'Anema e core"
B2. "Papaveri e papere"[5]

Birthe Wilke "Pepito / Jamaica" (single)[edit]

7" (45 RPM) single Philips 355 247 PF (1961, Denmark)

A. "Pepito"
B. "Jamaica"[14]


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