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Giancarlo Badessi, (born Giancarlo Badese; September 21, 1928 in Lecco – December 6, 2011 in Rome) was an Italian actor[1] who played Claudius in the 1979 biographical porn film Caligula. He had previously played a German officer who abuses a female client with phallic-shaped bread in the 1976 Salon Kitty, also directed by Tinto Brass.

He also appeared in Ace High (1968) as a boxing promoter, the spaghetti western The Grand Duel (1972), and as Mr. Erickson in What Have You Done to Solange? (1972). His other films include What Have They Done to Your Daughters? (1974), How to Kill a Judge (1975), the role of Cerullo in A Man Called Magnum (1977), and Squadra antitruffa ("Fraud Squad") which starred David Hemmings.


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