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Gianluca Costantini (born December 19, 1971) in Ravenna, Italy, is a cartoonist, artist, Comic journalist, and activist.[1][2][3]

Gianluca Costantini
Gianluca Costantini - Lucca 2017.jpg
Born(1971-12-19)December 19, 1971
Area(s)Comics artist, cartoonist, Comics journalism, activist
Notable works
Fedele alla linea
L'ammaestratore di Istanbul
Julian Assange dall'etica hacker a Wikileaks
(m. 2001)


Gianluca Costantini he graduated from the Art Institute Gino Severini of Ravenna in 1991 in Applied Art and the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna in Decoration in 1995. He began exhibiting in the historic gallery La Bottega[4][5] artist engraver Giuseppe Maestri in 1990 in the company of photographer Alex Majoli. His work continues between contamination ranging from mosaic to cyberpunk.

He attends the Academy of fine Arts in Ravenna, whose teachers are Fabrizio Passarella, Vittorio D'Augusta, Guido Guidi, Antonio Violetta, Carlo Branzaglia e Claudio Spadoni.

In 1993 he published the first comic strip magazine Schizzo n°5, curated by Massimo Galletti for the Center Comics Andrea Pazienza of Cremona. In 1994 he began his collaboration with the newspaper Il manifesto and the magazine Neural cyberpunk and contemporary art magazine Museo Teo Art Fanzine. In 1994, he knows the artist graffiti Marco Teatro and collaborate with the Happening of comics and illustration in Milan, Bologna, Rome, Turin and Lugano.

Publish for Underground Comics Magazine Interzona, Katzyvari, Alter Vox Magazine, Tribù Magazine d'urto, Fagorgo, Stripburger (Slovenia), Milk and Vodka (Switzerland), laikku (Finland), Kerosene, and Garabattage (Spain).

His political comics are much appreciated in Italy and have gained him respect in cultural circles, has published in 2009 "The Turtle Tamer of Istanbul " written by Elettra Stamboulis. A graphic novel that recounts the life of the intellectual Osman Hamdi Bey.

In 2009 he exhibited at the Lazarides Gallery in London in 2010 at the Salon du dessin contemporain and at the Carousel du Louvre in Paris. In 2014 he exhibited at Dox Centre for the Contemporary Art of Prague and at the Humor Graphic Museum of Diogenes Taborda in Buenos Aires. In Italy he exhibits together with the works of Alighiero Boetti at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lissone in 2013.

In 2016 Gianluca Costantini was accused of terrorism by the Turkish government for his drawings. [6][7]

In 2016 he has accompanied the activities of DiEM25 Democracy in Europe Movement 2025, movement founded by Yanis Varoufakis and actively collaborates with Ai Weiwei.[8][9][10]

Gianluca Costantini is a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna since 2009, Macerata and Ravenna in 2012.


Gianluca Costantini his latest graphic novels include Dinner with Gramsci, Julian Assange Wikileaks hacker ethics. Founder of the magazine inguineMAH!gazine and G.I.U.D.A. Geographical Institute of Unconventional Drawings Arts. Costantini contributes to Courrier International, Internazionale, laLettura (Corriere della Sera), Pagina99, World War 3 Illustrated and Le Monde diplomatique.

Graphic novels[edit]



Political comics[edit]

  • Linea Gotica, Associazione Mirada, 2004 – Critical text Sabina Ghinassi[24]
  • Diario di un qualunquista, Fernandel, 2006 – Critical text Daniele Brolli[25]
  • Sangue in Algeria, Galleria Miomao, 2008 – Critical text Tahar Lamri[26]

Art Books[edit]

  • Le cicatrici tra i miei denti, NdA Press, 2016 - Critical texts Lello Voce and Davide Brullo
  • Bronson Drawings, Giuda Edizioni, 2013 – Critical texts David Vecchiato,[27] Arturo Compagnoni[28] and Chris Angiolini[29]
  • Daily Iraq, Edizioni Libri Aparte, 2009 – Critical text Elettra Stamboulis[30]
  • Untitled Drawing Art, Edizioni Libri Aparte, 2009 – Critical text Viola Giacometti[31]
  • Porto dei santi, Purple Press, 2009 - Critical text Elettra Stamboulis




  • Graffiti 76% quadrinosh, Archeangiolie (written by Fabrizio Passarella), Brazil, 2008


  • Alan Moore portrait of an extraordinary gentleman, one illustration, Abiogenesis Press, Leigh-on-Sea, 2003
  • Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption, Yes we camp (written by Elettra Stamboulis), curated by Paul Gravett, London, 2010


  • laikku, n°1, El hombre invisible, Helsinki, 2001



  • Wendepunk.t Zeitschrift für eine Neue Zeit, n°2, Occupy Gezi, Herausgegeben von Hans-Peter Söder, Munich, 2013


  • Babel, n°235, Thad damn burn the flags (written Allan Antliff), Athens, 2006
  • Babel, n°237, Gaz promise (written by Elettra Stamboulis), Athens, 2006
  • MOV, n°6, 8 km The history of Zhaer, BabelArt, Athens, 2010


  • Schizzo, n°5, Ultimo appuntamento (written Nicola Scianamè), Cremona, ArciComics Editions, 1993
  • Schizzo, n°6, Linee di confine (written Nicola Scianamè), Cremona, ArciComics Editions, 1994
  • Schizzo, n°8, Desiderio (written Nicola Scianamé), Cremona, ArciComics Editions, 1994
  • Neural, n°2, an illustration, Sound Machine, 1994
  • Neural, n°3, an illustration, Sound Machine, 1994
  • Pagina99, marzo, Salah Abdeslam, Rome, News 3.0 Spa, 2016
  • Pagina99, maggio, Sharpshooters to Mosul, Rome, News 3.0 Spa, 2016
  • Pagina99, giugno, Muhammad Ali and Saddam Hussein, Rome, News 3.0 Spa, 2016
  • Pagina99, luglio, Aliaa Elmahdy, Rome, News 3.0 Spa, 2016
  • Internazionale luglio, Postcard from Sanhan, Rome, 2016


  • Mutate&Survive, Archeangiolie (written by Fabrizio Passarella), Lisboa, 2001
  • Courrier Internacional, n°33, Buttes Chaumont A Historia de Chérif Kouachi


  • Anthology HardcomicSeex, El indio, Bucarest, 2006


  • Pancevac-Press, three illustrations, Pancevac Press, Pančevo, 2004
  • Kuhinja, n°8, Marzabotto, curated by Aleksandar Zograf, Pančevo, 2005
  • Pancevac, n°4270, 4271, 4272, 4273, Pančevo, 2008
  • Skulptura? Skulpture?, five illustration, Bijenal Umetnosti, Pančevo, 2014


  • Stripburger, n°25, El hombre invisible, Ed. Strip Core, Ljubljana, 1999
  • XXX (Strip) Burger, Befanella, Ed. Strip Core, Ljubljana, 1999


  • Garabattage, n°8, one illustration, Doble Dosis Ediciones, Barcelona, 2005
  • Tmeo, n°40, Scarafaggi (written by Giovanni Barbieri), Edition Exten Kultur Taldea, 1996


  • Milk and Vodka, n°1, five illustrations, Milk and Vodka Editions, Switzerland, 2000


United States[edit]

Web Publications[edit]

  • Drawings the Times, Each week telling the news, Holland, 2016 [3]
  • Pagina99, Each week telling Human Rights, Italy, 2015–2016 [4]
  • Internazionale, The cold heart of Ravenna, Italy, December 22, 2015 [5]
  • Words Without Borders, An Endless Green Line, United States, 2017 [6]
  • eastwest, Kim and his ancestors two thousand years of North Korean Dear Leader, Italy, 2017 [7]
  • eastwest, The strange holiday of Saad Hariri, Italy, 2017 [8]
  • eastwest, Faces and words on the disputed Jerusalem, Italy, 2017 [9]
  • eastwest, The man of the stars Taheri awaits the executioner in a prison in Iran, Italy, 2017 [10]
  • eastwest, The Trump saga, from grandfather Friedrich to the Donald, Italy, 2018 [11]
  • Internazionale, Giulio Regeni e il male del mondo, Italy, 2018 [12]
  • CNN, My Freedom Day, United States, 2018 [13]
Gianluca Costantini Bassel graphical journalism.jpg

Human Rights[edit]

Gianluca Costantini has worked with the Festival on Human Rights in Tokyo, Milan and Geneva.[32]

He actively collaborates with ActionAid, Amnesty, Cesvi, ARCI and Oxfam organizations.

In 2013 he made drawings for the Occupy Gezi protests in Istanbul.

In 2016 the campaign "Aleppo is Hell – We do not exist" for Amnesty Italy, the draw in journalism portal Drawing The time and The New Arab.

In 2016 he made drawings for the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy in Geneva

In 2018 he made drawings for:

  • FIFDH Festival du Film et Forum International su le Droits Humains in Geneva
  • Human Right Watch Film Festival in London and Toronto
  • Festival dei diritti umani in Milan

In 2018 a graphic journalist, Gianluca Costantini, illustrated tributes to the Capital Gazette shooting victims. [3]

In 2019 he received the "Art and Human Rights" Award from Amnesty International[33]


In 2018 he made drawings for CNN sport:

Curating of cultural events[edit]

Gianluca Costantini founding member of Mirada, an association involved in planning curating of cultural events.

Editor and Publisher[edit]

Since 2002 he has headed the Italian comic magazine inguineMAH!gazine and graphic novelists such as Phoebe Gloeckner, Danijel Zezelj, Ramize Erer, Max Andersson, Felipe Abrances, Carlos Latuff, Gord Hill and James Kochalka.


2003–2009 by the magazine inguineMAH!gazine in collaboration with Paper Resistance, Marco Lobietti and Elettra Stamboulis. Editions: Coniglio, Fernandel and Comma 22.

G.I.U.D.A. Geographic Institute of Unconventional Drawings Arts[edit]

2009–2015 by the magazine G.I.U.D.A. Geographical Institute of Unconventional Drawings Arts in collaboration with Elettra Stamboulis and Marco Lobietti. Giuda Editions, Italy [21]

Personal Exhibitions[edit]

Personal Exhibitions Art Galleries[edit]

  • Gianluca Costantini: Drawing the Reality, Lugano, Studio 1929, Festival of Human Rights in Lugano, 2015[40]
  • American Nocturne, Ferrara, Zuni Arte, 2014
  • Untitled Drawing Art, Modena, d406 Gallery, 2014
  • Stop Bombing Gaza, Buenos Aires, Museos de Humor grafico Diogenes Taborda, 2014
  • Whispers and cries in digital democracy, Ferrara, Zuni Arte, 2013
  • Gramsci a comic book biography, Perugia, Miomao Art Gallery, 2012
  • Abra Kadabra, Ancona, Quattrocentometriquadi Gallery, 2011
  • Liturgy of drawn porn, Rome, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, 2011
  • WikiLeaks, Pietrasanta, La Subbia Gallery, 2011
  • Vorrei incontrarti (with music of Alan Sorrenti), Piombino, Il Castello, Visionaria Film Festival, 2005


  • Channeldraw hangs drawings, not people, Festival Transeuropa, Madrid, Matadero, 2017


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