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Gianluca Testa (born March 2, 1982) is an Italian actor and director.


Gianluca Testa began his acting career in theatre productions and independent cinema. In theatre he worked with Giuliano Vasilicò and Gruppo di Ricerca e Progettazione Teatrale, starring the role of San Giovanni in Dal Vangelo secondo Giovanni for three years [1] and worked with Giancarlo Nanni and Teatro Vascello in Rome since 2006 to 2009.[2] In 2006 he appeared in the official music video for Raf (singer) in the song Dimentica. In 2008, he starred as Mirko Bertolini in the miniseries Rex [3][4][5] on Rai 1 and as Francesco Ticconi in the television series Carabinieri on Canale 5. In 2009 he starred as main character in the movie Mad in italy, distributed in the USA,[6][7][8] and in Symphony in Blood Red, distributed in Germany. In 2010 he starred as Brenno in the movie Pipi Room, directed by Jerry Calà,[9] and in Calibro 10, with Franco Nero. In the same year he starred the role of Syd Barrett in the musical Syd l'altra faccia della luna [10] and directed the short film Fagiolino e il cavaliere [11][12] under the patronage of Molise. In 2014, Gianluca Testa wrote and directed the short film Banza Kiri! starred by Aurora Ruffino.[13][14] Since 2002 he directs many commercials and music videos for Video Italia and MTV. He works also as trainer in the field of self-help [15][16] and acting coach.[17]

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