Gianluigi Aponte

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Gianluigi Aponte
Born (1940-06-27) 27 June 1940 (age 78)
Sant'Agnello, Italy
Residence Geneva, Switzerland
Nationality Italian
Alma mater Istituto Tecnico Nautico Statale Nino Bixio
Occupation Founder, Mediterranean Shipping Company
Net worth $9.1 billion (November 2017)[1]
Spouse(s) Rafaela Diamant
Parent(s) Aniello Aponte
Gina Gatti

Gianluigi Aponte (Italian pronunciation: [dʒanluˌiːdʒi aˈponte]; born 27 June 1940) is an Italian billionaire businessman, and the founder, owner and chairman of Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), the second-largest container shipping line in the world after Maersk.

Early life[edit]

Gianluigi Aponte was born in Sant'Agnello, Italy (near Sorrento, Naples)[1] on 27 June 1940.[2]


Aponte is a Neapolitan captain, who entered the shipping industry in 1970 together with his spouse, Rafaela. At that time, the newly formed company owned a single vessel that would ship cargo between Europe and Africa.[3] With the growth of his business he eventually made a move towards the cruise industry in 1988. As of 2014 he has retired from the position of CEO and president in favour of his son, Diego Aponte, and took on a role as executive chairman within MSC.[4]


In 2009, at the Teatro di San Carlo of Naples, he received, along with Fabio Cannavaro, Ambra Vallo and others, a prize for "Neapolitan Excellence in the World" from the Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.[citation needed]

In 2012 he won the Cruise International Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his long term activity in the industry.[5]

In October 2013, he received Containerisation International’s Lifetime Achievement Award,[6] as well as a knighthood, Order of Merit for Labour, from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano.[7] In 2014, Aponte and his family were named among the 10 most influential people in the shipping industry according to Lloyds List.[8]


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