Giant's Castle

Coordinates: 29°20′0″S 29°29′0″E / 29.33333°S 29.48333°E / -29.33333; 29.48333
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Giant's Castle
Giant's Castle is located in South Africa
Giant's Castle
Giant's Castle
Location in South Africa
Highest point
Elevation3,315 m (10,876 ft)
ListingList of mountains in South Africa
Coordinates29°20′0″S 29°29′0″E / 29.33333°S 29.48333°E / -29.33333; 29.48333
LocationKwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Parent rangeDrakensberg
Easiest routeScramble
Panorama at Giant's Castle
Giant's Castle 3D
Giant's Castle at sunrise

Giant's Castle is a mountain located within the Drakensberg range in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It includes a grassy plateau nestled among the deep valleys of the southern end of the central Drakensberg. Together, the shape of the peaks and escarpment are thought to resemble a sleeping giant's profile; hence, its name.

Giant's Castle is best known for its nature reserve and the bushman rock art preserved at its main caves, and the game reserve is home of the eland as well as the bearded vulture and Cape vulture. The area is considered one of South Africa's many adventure areas, and attracts hikers, nature enthusiasts, and other tourists. It also hosts the Giant's Challenge marathon in April each year. The Treverton Grade 10s take a 15 day hike to summit this peak in their 3rd term. [citation needed]

Hiking Trails[edit]

There are in excess of 25 walks in the Giant's Castle Game Reserve. The 285 kilometres (177 mi) network of trails here includes 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) to 30 kilometres (19 mi) hikes, spanning from 1 hour to overnight.

There are currently 14 recognized escarpment passes in the region (listed north to south):

  • Corner Pass [1]
  • Around the Corner Pass (variation route on Corner Pass with alternative summit)
  • Judge Pass[2]
  • Gypaetus Pass (opened in September 2012) [3]
  • Bannerman Pass[citation needed]
  • Thumb Pass (opened in 1997)[4]
  • North Hlubi Pass [5]
  • South Hlubi Pass [5]
  • Langalibalele Pass [6]
  • Bond Pass (opened in 2014) [7]
  • North Jarding/Jarateng Pass[8]
  • Central Jarding/Jarateng Pass[8]
  • South Jarding/Jarateng Pass[8]
  • Giant's Castle Pass [9]


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