Giants Tomb Island

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Giants Tomb Island is an island with no permanent residents located in Southern Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada. It measures approximately 5 kilometres from north to south and 2 kilometres from east to west. Its name comes from its resembalnce to a giant tomb, supposedly that of the giant native deity, Kitchikewana.

It is part of the Awenda Provincial Park close to Penetanguishene and Midland. To the west there are other islands, Christian Island, Hope Island and Beckwith Island. Beausoleil Island, part of the Georgian Bay Islands National Park is only a few kilometres to the east.

Giants Tomb Island is popular for day trips with boaters as there are excellent sandy beaches and safe swimming.

The south tip of the island, or the beach on the east side are easy to access by kayak, or canoe on a calm day. There are many shore line access points off the mainland, from Awenda Park, or from public beaches at Saw Log Bay, and Kettles Beach.It is a one-hour paddle.

The western shore is strewn with large granite boulders on shore, and out into the bay. Crystal clear water allows for great under water views. This should only be attempted on a calm day, with no winds above 10 km. & no gusts in the forecast. Plan 3 to 4 hours of actual paddle time for return paddle.

Coordinates: 44°54′14.29″N 80°00′03.92″W / 44.9039694°N 80.0010889°W / 44.9039694; -80.0010889