Giants in the Earth (novel)

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Giants in the Earth
Cover of first English edition of Giants in the Earth
AuthorOle Edvart Rølvaag
Followed byPeder Seier 

Giants in the Earth (Norwegian: I de dage) is a novel by Norwegian-American author Ole Edvart Rølvaag. First published in the Norwegian language as two books in 1924 and 1925, the English-language edition was published in 1927, translated by Rølvaag and author Lincoln Colcord (1883–1947), each of whom also wrote prefatory matter.[1][2][3]


The novel follows a pioneer Norwegian immigrant family's struggles with the land and the elements of the Dakota Territory as they try to make a new life in America. In 1873, Per Hansa, his wife Beret, their children settle in the Dakota Territory. They are joined by three other Norwegian immigrant families—Tonseten and his wife Kjersti, Hans Olsa and his wife Sorine, and the Solum brothers.[4]

Part of a trilogy, it had two sequels: Peder Victorious (Peder Seier) in 1928 and Their Fathers' God (Den signede dag) in 1931. The books were based partly on Rølvaag's personal experiences as a settler as well as the experiences of his wife’s family who had been immigrant homesteaders in South Dakota. The novels depicts snow storms, locusts, poverty, hunger, loneliness, homesickness, the difficulty of fitting into a new culture, and the estrangement of immigrant children who grow up in a new land.[5][6][7]

Giants in the Earth was turned into an opera of the same name by Douglas Moore and Arnold Sundgaard; it won the Pulitzer Prize for Music in 1951.[8]


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