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The Gibraltar Study Circle exists to study the stamps and postal history of Gibraltar, a British overseas territory located at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar.

The circle was founded in 1975[1] by Walter (Wally) Jackson[2] and is based in the United Kingdom but with worldwide members.

A journal, The Rock, has been published since 1975.

The circle is not to be confused with the Gibraltar Philatelic Society which is based in Gibraltar itself.

Selected circle publications[edit]

  • Gibraltar Postal Stationery by Walter (Wally) Jackson, 1977.
  • British Post Offices and Agencies in Morocco 1857-1898 by Dr. R.K. Clough, 1978.
  • Gibraltar First Day Covers by R.H. Neville, 1984.
  • Gibraltar: The postal history and postage stamps. Volume 1 To 1885 by Geoffrey Osborn, 1995.
  • Gibraltar Errors & Varieties 1885-2000 by R.G.W. Burton, 2001.
  • Gibraltar: Collecting King George VI by Edmund Chambers, 2005. ISBN 0-9509947-4-X
  • Gibraltar: The postal history and postage stamps. Volume 4 Gibraltar Postal Stationery by Eric D. Holmes & Robert H. Neville, second edition, 2006. ISBN 0-9509947-7-4

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