Gibraltar general election, 1996

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Gibraltar general election, 1996
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May of 1996 → 2000

15 seats to the Gibraltar House of Assembly
8 seats were needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
  Peter Caruana portrait.jpg Joebossano.jpg
Leader Peter Caruana Joe Bossano
Party Social Democrats Socialist Labour
Leader since 1991
Seats won 8 7
Percentage 52.20% 42.95%

Chief Minister before election

Joe Bossano
Socialist Labour

Elected Chief Minister

Peter Caruana
Social Democrats

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General elections were held in Gibraltar in May 1996. They were won by Peter Caruana's Gibraltar Social Democrats (GSD), who took over 50% of the popular vote and eight of the 15 contested seats, defeating incumbent Joe Bossano's Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party.


The results in order of votes were as follows:[1]

Name of candidate Number of
GSD MONTEGRIFFO, Peter Cecil 8565
GSD CARUANA, Peter Richard 8561
GSD LINARES, Bernard Anthony 8342
GSD CORBY, Hubert Alfred 8263
GSD AZOPARDI, Keith 8206
GSD HOLLIDAY, Joseph John 8094
GSD BRITTO, Ernest Michael 8093
GSD NETTO, James Joseph 8066
GSLP BOSSANO, Joseph John 7396
GSLP BALDACHINO, Joseph Louis 6940
GSLP MONTEGRIFFO, Maria Isabel 6876
GSLP ISOLA, Albert 6768
GSLP GABAY, Joshua 6742
GSLP MOR, Robert 6661
GSLP PEREZ, Juan Carlos 6597
GSLP GOLT, Clive Peter 6483
GNP GARCIA, Joseph John 1679
GNP LINARES, Steven Ernest 809
GNP BOSSINO, Damon James 794
GNP BORDA, Paul Christopher James 552
GNP VICTOR, Elio 548
GNP ARMSTRONG-EMERY, Lyana Patricia 543
GNP BALLOQUI, Anthony Albert 507
GNP TUNBRIDGE, Annette 500
IND CUMMING, Peter Andrew 214

The first fifteen candidates were elected to the House of Assembly.