2003 Gibraltar general election

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2003 Gibraltar general election

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15 of the 17 seats in the House of Assembly
8 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Peter Caruana Joe Bossano
Party Social Democrats Alliance
Last election 58.35%, 8 seats 40.57%, 7 seats
Seats won 8 7
Seat change Steady Steady
Popular vote 58,234 44,920
Percentage 51.45% 39.69%
Swing Decrease6.90pp Decrease0.88pp

Chief Minister before election

Peter Caruana
Social Democrats

Elected Chief Minister

Peter Caruana
Social Democrats

General elections were held in Gibraltar on 28 November 2003. They were won by Peter Caruana's Gibraltar Social Democrats (GSD), who took over 50% of the popular vote and 8 of the 15 available seats, making this their third successive win.

Party slogans[edit]

Party or alliance Slogan
GSD "Security • Stability • Prosperity"
GSLP/Libs Alliance "Our Contract with Gibraltar"


Party or allianceVotes%Seats+/–
Gibraltar Social Democrats58,23451.4580
AllianceGibraltar Socialist Labour Party28,38225.085–2
Liberal Party of Gibraltar16,53814.612New
Gibraltar Labour Party9,4458.350New
Reform Party5780.510New
Ex officio members2
Total votes14,610
Registered voters/turnout18,45279.18
Source: Parliament, Parliament

By candidate[edit]

Candidate Party Alliance Votes Notes
Peter Caruana GSD 7998 Elected
Joseph Holliday GSD 7398 Elected
Bernard Linares GSD 7301 Elected
Ernest Britto GSD 7275 Elected
James Netto GSD 7117 Elected
Fabian Vinet GSD 7105 Elected
Clive Beltran GSD 7037 Elected
Yvette Del Agua GSD 7003 Elected
Joseph Bossano GSLP GSLP–Liberal Alliance 6220 Elected
Joseph Garcia LPG GSLP–Liberal Alliance 5798 Elected
Fabian Picardo GSLP GSLP–Liberal Alliance 5785 Elected
Charles Bruzon GSLP GSLP–Liberal Alliance 5584 Elected
Steven Linares LPG GSLP–Liberal Alliance 5554 Elected
Maria Montegriffo GSLP GSLP–Liberal Alliance 5465 Elected
Lucio Randall GSLP GSLP–Liberal Alliance 5328 Elected
Steven Marin GSLP GSLP–Liberal Alliance 5168
Daniel Feetham GLP 2171
Maurice Xiberras Independent 1395
Charles Bishop GLP 1125
Christian Montegriffo GLP 1034
Joseph Bishop GLP 1026
William Pisani GLP 920
Kim Karnani Santos GLP 908
Louise Gillingwater Pederson GLP 866
Lyana Armstrong-Emery RP 578

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