Gibson ES-137

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Gibson ES-137
Gibson ES-137 guitar.jpg
Manufacturer Gibson
Period 2002 — present
Body type Semi-hollow
Neck joint Set
Body curly maple (laminated); mahogany center block
Neck maple
Fretboard rosewood on Classic models, ebony on Custom
Bridge Fixed tune-o-matic
Pickup(s) 2 Humbuckers
Colors available
Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Tri-burst, Blue Burst, Silvertop

The Gibson ES-137 is a semi-hollow-body guitar which is manufactured in Gibson's Memphis factory. It is a relatively new design in Gibson's ES line which is not based on a vintage instrument, as many of Gibson's instruments are.

Gibson claims the ES-137 is a combination of its traditional semi-hollow-body single-cutaway guitars with the sound of a Les Paul Classic. This is achieved by fitting the archtop with pickups and other features matching the Les Paul.

The format of archtop with a single florentine cutaway has been used by Gibson previously. Notable comparisons would be the Gibson ES-175 and Gibson ES-135 models. The basic body shape of the ES-137 is very close to Gibson's fully hollow-bodied ES-175. Despite the 137 being somewhat thinner than the ES-175, it is not classed as a thinline model. However, the ES-137 does sport an internal center block inside the body similar to the Gibson ES-335. This design helps combat feedback problems common with hollow-bodied guitars. The center block also facilitates the use of a stop tailpiece again like the ES-335, therefore eliminating the use of a "trapeze"-style tailpiece found on most hollow-bodied Gibsons.

Notable ES-137 players[edit]

Matthew Followill (Kings Of Leon)

Assil Bennecib


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