Gibson ES-225

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Gibson ES-225
Manufacturer Gibson
Period 1955 — 1959
Body type hollow
Neck joint Set
Scale 24.75"
Body maple (laminated)
Neck mahogany
Fretboard rosewood
Bridge Les Paul combination bridge/tailpiece
Pickup(s) 1 or 2 P-90s
Colors available
tobacco sunburst, natural

The Gibson ES-225 is a thinline hollowbody electric guitar model produced by the Gibson Guitar Corporation between 1955 and 1959. It is notable as the first thinline hollowbody guitar produced by Gibson.[1]

Model history[edit]

The ES-225 was originally introduced in 1955 as the ES-225T, a thinline hollowbody guitar featuring a Florentine cutaway, the Les Paul combined bridge and tailpiece (also used on the Les Paul from 1952–1953 and on the ES-295), a laminated pickguard, and a single P-90 pickup mounted in an unusual position midway between the bridge and the end of the fingerboard. From 1956 the ES-225TD, a twin pickup model with conventional pickup positioning, was also available. Both models had a tobacco sunburst finish, with more expensive natural finish models (ES225TN and ES-225TDN) also available from 1956.[2][3] The specifications remained the same during the period the guitars were manufactured, with the exception that in 1959 a few guitars were made with separate trapeze-style tailpieces and floating Tune-o-matic bridges.[2]

When the guitar was initially marketed it was the first thinline hollowbody guitar Gibson had produced,[1] preceding the Byrdland and ES-350T models.[4] In 1959 the ES-225 was phased out in favour of the ES-330 and ES-125T models.[5]

All told, 5,220 of the single pickup ES-225 and 2,754 of the twin pickup model were produced.[2]


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