Gibson ES-339

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Gibson ES-339
Kelly Jones 2010 Vancouver.jpg
Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics playing a Gibson ES-339
Manufacturer Gibson
Period 2007 — present
Body type Semi-hollow
Neck joint Set
Body Maple (laminated); Maple center block; Spruce contour braces
Neck Mahogany
Fretboard Rosewood
Bridge ABR-1
Pickup(s) 2 '57 Classic Humbuckers
Colors available
Light Caramel Burst, Antique Vintage Sunburst, Antique Red, Limited Colors: Ebony, Pelham Blue, Inverness Green

The Gibson ES-339 is a semi-hollowbody guitar which is manufactured in Gibson's Memphis Custom Shop in Memphis Tennessee. The guitar is similar to the size of a Les Paul, but has the body of a semi-hollow body giving a more expressive mid-range to the sound.[1]


The standard 339 is available with what is referred to as the "30 over 60" or 30/60 neck and the beefier '59 neck profile. Both necks are made of mahogany. The 30/60 neck is based on the vintage slim neck design seen on most 335 models, with an additional .030 of an inch depth from front to back.

The ES-339 comes with a pair of Gibson 57' classic humbuckers, a model of a PAF pick up with Alnico II magnets.

The ES-339 Figured features all the same design specifications with exception to the wood construction, which is curly maple (also known as flamed maple). This model is more expensive than the standard ES-339.


Epiphone also makes two versions of the ES-339, called the ES-339 PRO and the Ultra-339. They are considerably cheaper than the Gibson version.[2]


The Gibson ES-339 is the descendant of the ES-335. It is made from a solid maple center block and maple laminate top, back and sides. It is smaller than the ES-335, closer to the size of a Les Paul model.

In terms of electronics, the ES-339 differs from the ES-335 with the use of what Gibson calls the Memphis Tone Circuit.


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