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Gideon was a late 1970s/early 1980s animated UK children's television series.

This basic animation was centred on Gideon, a duck with an unusually long neck. Gideon's abnormality was the subject of cruel taunts and jibes from the other ducks – who all had normal length necks – but good always came out in the end.

Gideon originated as a series of French storybooks, written by Benjamin Rabier in 1923, under the name Gédéon. In the 1970s French television produced the cartoon series, directed and co-written by Michel Ocelot, which was then sold to the United Kingdom television company Yorkshire Television and made into an English-language version. Directed by Steve Haynes. Music by Alan Parker ex Blue Mink.

Goodie Tim Brooke-Taylor narrated the series, as well as providing all the voices – he estimates[1] he had to do around 57 voices in all for the various characters, which included Winston the circus dog, Cornelia the tortoise, Stalker the poacher and even flying rabbits.


  • Growler the dog
  • Sosthène the rabbit
  • Grognard the dog
  • Bout-de-zan the monkey
  • Boudinet the pig
  • Noiraud the crow
  • Mimolette the mouse[2]


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