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Gideon is a 1998 American romantic tragic comedy starring Christopher Lambert, Charlton Heston and Carroll O'Connor. The film was directed by Claudia Hoover and written by Brad Mirman with music by Anthony Marinelli.[1]


Gideon Oliver Dobbs is a man with a mental disability. He moves into a nursing home known as Lakeview, with many elderly inhabitants. They are all grumpy old men and women. Gideon is much younger than the other residents, which causes confusion when he first introduces himself. His view of life makes the seniors look at their lives in a different way.[2]


Actor/Actress Role
Christopher Lambert Gideon
Charlton Heston Addison Sinclair
Carroll O'Connor Leo Barnes
Shirley Jones Elly Morton
Mike Connors Harland Greer
Barbara Bain Sarah
Shelley Winters Mrs. Willows
Crystal Bernard Jean MacLemore
Christopher McDonald Alan Longhurst
Mykelti Williamson Coleman Walker
Taylor Nichols Dr. Richard Willows
Michael Bowen Billy Ray Turner
Harvey Korman Jacob Titleman
Mackenzie Rosman Molly MacLemore
John Swift Stunt Biker #1
Jerry Craig Stunt Biker #2


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