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Leader Gideon Doron
David Kon
Ideology Electoral reform
Current MKs 0
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HaYisraelim (Hebrew: הישראלים‎, lit. The Israelis) was a minor political party in Israel which ran in the 2009 elections and in the 2013 elections. It was led by Professor Gideon Doron, a political scientist at Tel Aviv University before his death on 25 December 2011.

Elections for the 18th Knesset[edit]

Israeli Party was founded by Gideon Doron, a professor of political science at Tel Aviv University and president of the Israeli Association of Political Science. Its goals were to introduce reforms in the structure of government in Israel, mainly introducing regional elections, the appointment of ministers who are experts in their area of responsibility, establishment of a constitution and equal representation of men and women in politics. Besides Doron, the list also included Barbara Factor, Dror Paz, Karen Umansky and Joseph Agassi.

A single issue party, its main policy being the reform of the country's voting system, replacing the Knesset's pure proportional representation (PR) method with a division of 60 constituency seats and 60 PR seats.[1]

The party won only 865 votes and failed to pass the electoral threshold.

Elections for the 19th Knesset[edit]

In the 19th Knesset elections the party ran as the party of immigrants, led by David Cone, a TV journalist from the Israel Plus channel. Party candidates included Marina Soul Shorer, Alexander Wechsler and Vladimir Bodiansky.[2] While with 18,941 votes (0.5%), it did better than in its previous campaign, the party still failed to pass the 2% threshold needed to win a Knesset seat.


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