Gidget Grows Up

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Gidget Grows Up
Gidget Grows Up.jpg
Written by John McGreevey
Directed by James Sheldon
Starring Karen Valentine
Paul Lynde
Paul Petersen
Edward Mulhare
Robert Cummings
Nina Foch
Theme music composer Shorty Rogers
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Harry Ackerman
Jerome Courtland
Editor(s) Aaron Nibley
Running time 75 minutes
Production company(s) Screen Gems
Original network American Broadcasting Company
Original release December 30, 1969 (December 30, 1969)
Preceded by Gidget
Followed by Gidget Gets Married

Gidget Grows Up is a 1969 television film directed by James Sheldon and starring Karen Valentine, Paul Lynde and Edward Mulhare, freely adapted from the novel Gidget Goes New York by Frederick Kohner. It premiered on ABC on December 30, 1969, and was intended as a pilot for a possible new Gidget series, possibly a sequel to the 1960s sitcom Gidget.


After two years of college abroad, Gidget returns to Santa Monica. She discovers that the letters she wrote to her boyfriend Jeff, intended to make him jealous, have backfired, and her attempts to patch things up with him are rebuffed. Inspired by a speech she hears on television made by the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, she hops a bus to New York City to work for the United Nations.

She meets the Ambassador, who finds her a job, but because she has only two years of college education, the best position the United Nations will offer her is tour guide. She meets and has a fling with Alex MacLaughlin, an Australian Agronomist who finds her and two of her fellow employees an inexpensive Greenwich Village apartment, managed by the eccentric Louis B. Latimer, a grown child actor has-been attempting a comeback as an independent film director.

Gidget has a number of comical and romantic adventures before being reunited with former boyfriend Jeff.


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