Giesecke Glacier

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Giececke Glacier
Location Upernavik Archipelago, Greenland
Coordinates 73°35′N 55°12′W / 73.583°N 55.200°W / 73.583; -55.200Coordinates: 73°35′N 55°12′W / 73.583°N 55.200°W / 73.583; -55.200
Terminus Kangerlussuaq Icefjord
Giesecke Glacier is located in Upernavik Archipelago
Giesecke Glacier
Giececke Glacier (Upernavik Archipelago)

Giesecke Glacier (Danish: Giesecke brær) is a glacier in the Qaasuitsup municipality in northwestern Greenland. Its outflow is split in the center by a nunatak. Through two tongues it drains the Greenland ice sheet westwards into Kangerlussuaq Icefjord.[1] The northern tongue (Greenlandic: Qeqertarsuup Sermia) reaches the fjord at 73°35′N 55°36′W / 73.583°N 55.600°W / 73.583; -55.600. The southern tongue (Greenlandic: Kakiffait Sermiat) reaches the fjord at 73°30′N 55°28′W / 73.500°N 55.467°W / 73.500; -55.467.


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