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Gieve Patel (born 18 August 1940,[1][2] Bombay) is an Indian poet, playwright, painter,[3] as well as a practicing physician/doctor based in Mumbai.

Early life and education[edit]

Patel was born in 1940 in Mumbai. He was educated at St. Xavier's High School and Grant Medical College, Mumbai. He lives in Mumbai where he is a general practitioner.[4]


His poetry works include Poems, first launched by Nissim Ezekiel followed by How Do You Withstand, Body and Mirrored Mirroring. His plays include Princes, Savaksa and Mr Behram.

He held his first show in Mumbai in 1966 that went on to have several major exhibitions in India and abroad. Patel participated in the Menton Biemale, France in 1976. India, Myth and Reality, Oxford in 1982; Contemporary Indian Art, Royal Academy, London 1982.Patel belongs to that avant-garde grouping of artists based in Bombay and Baroda.[5]

He has also exhibited for Contemporary Indian Art, Grey Art Gallery, New York, 1985, Indian Art from the Herwitz collection Worcester Art Museum, Massachusetts, 1985 and 'Coups de Coeur' Geneva, 1987.

He has been conducting a poetry workshop in Rishi Valley School for over more than a decade. He also edited a collection of poetry which was published in 2006.[6] His poetry is also included in Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poetry[7] ( BigBridge United States ). One of his Poems 'Licence' from the collection 'How do you withstand' is also included in the anthology 'Confronting Love' edited by Arundhati Subramanyam and Jerry Pinto.


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