Gift Trap

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Gift Trap
Gift Trap cover.jpg
Box cover of Gift Trap
Players 3-8
Age range 8 years and up
Setup time Approx. 5 minutes
Playing time 45-75 minutes
Random chance Low
Skill(s) required Empathy, Intuition, Honesty, Memory, Social Intelligence & Emotional Intelligence

Gift Trap is an indie party board game, invented by Nick Kellet (based on an idea inspired by his eldest daughter in 2004). Gift Trap is billed as "The hilarious gift-exchange party game". Gift Trap relies on the players' personal knowledge of each other.

Madhouse Creative created the packaging and brand identity for the game. Images used for the gift cards in the game were licensed using a Creative Commons Attribution license; Crowdsourcing was used to collect images for use in the game via both a photo contest and through the use of online websites such as Winners received a free copy of the game along with having their names included in the game.

Gift Trap was released in mid-2006. It won a MAJOR Fun Party Award from Bernie DeKoven in September 2006, and was featured on CBC Venture's show Dreamers & Schemers in December 2006. Reviews by Tom Vasel, Bruno Faidutti, Scott Nicholson and Greg Schloesser helped create early awareness for Gift Trap in the run up to its first holiday season.

Gift Trap donated one copy to the charity Right To Play for every ten copies sold from the first production run of 10,000 games.

In 2007 "Gift Trap" won party game of the year in France by Bruno Faidutti and Best New Party Game 2008 and placed in the Games 100 by Games (magazine) in the USA

"Gift Trap"'s website has always been an integral part of its story featuring contests and showing all the artwork for the gift images from the game in all the different languages. In 2009 a number of [1] videos were added to communicate the fun aspects of exchanging gifts. This was extended by the addition of an Interactive video by Hustream to communicate the concept of the game and to feature the awards and content of the game.

"Gift Trap" is currently translated into 8 languages. In 2010 'Gift Trap' will enter its sixth production run and will be adding Chinese, Russian, Greek and Japanese editions taking the language total to 12.

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