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Gift of the Givers Foundation is a South African Non-governmental organization started by Dr. Imtiaz Sooliman in 1992.[1] It is the largest disaster relief group of African origin.[2] Gift of the Givers has worked in many countries around the world, including Bosnia, Pakistan, Somalia, Haiti and Zimbabwe.[2] During the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake the organisation sent four rescue teams and aid materials to the country.[3] They were at one point in 2011 the only international aid group providing food aid to Somalia,[4] airlifting 180 tons and shipping 2000 tons of aid.[2]

Sooliman started the charity after a Turkish Sufi master, Mohammed Saffer Effendi, instructed him to set up an organisation of that name to do humanitarian work[5]

Honours and accolades[edit]

Sooliman has been awarded many honours for the work the organisation has done. Most notable is the Order of the Baobab in 2010.[6]

Notable Efforts[edit]

South African medics and volunteers have been assisting people during the civil war in Syria.[7][8] Unrest in the area has been the cause of South Africans fleeing and being injured, some to the point of death.[7][8]

Victims of flooding in the Karonga region of Malawi have been given aid in the form of food. The Gift of the Givers organization was the first non-governmental organization to offer help to the region.[9]


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