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Giganews, Inc.
Company typePrivate
Founded1994 in Austin, Texas
HeadquartersAustin, Texas

Giganews, Inc is a Usenet/newsgroup service provider. Founded in 1994, Giganews service is available to individual users through a subscription model and as an outsourced service to internet service providers. Well-known ISPs that have outsourced Usenet access to Giganews include RCN Corporation,[1] BT, WOW! (Wide Open West), and Kingston Communications.

In 2008 Giganews acquired Supernews.[2]

In 2010, Giganews began offering users VPN and cloud storage access ("VyprVPN" and "Dump Truck", respectively) via its parent company, Golden Frog.[3][4]

Giganews currently offers service to over 10 million broadband users in 180 countries.

Giganews traffic is peered at Equinix[5] in Ashburn in Loudoun County, Virginia, AMS-IX[6] and NL-IX[7] in The Netherlands, DE-CIX[8] in Frankfurt, Germany, and LINX[9][10] in London, United Kingdom. In late 2008, Giganews' bandwidth capacity at AMS-IX increased from 40Gbit/s to 80Gbit/s.[11]

Giganews offers more than three years of article retention in binary groups and eight years in text groups.[12] This results in more than nine petabytes (9000 terabytes) of storage.[13]


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